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Article image The Benefits of Being Bored

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Boredom inspires creative thought.

It happens. You wake up, make those magic morning beans, and switch on the laptop. You have a bazillion ideas swimming around in your mind, just itching to be written into an amazing blog post. You’re all ready, pens and paper nearby for random notes, and then CRASH! … nothing. This honestly freaks me out, I mean, I am committed to two original posts a week, plus a guest blogger and perhaps a book review. So now what? I’m blank, and as I stare at the blinking cursor, I realize that I am overloaded.

I know, you can relate. A million ideas and reminders crashing about in your mind, and you can’t focus on any of them. It’s the grocery list, the appointments, the scheduling of your day (whatever your job) and you feel lost. Is it fear? Depression? Anxiety? Maybe it’s a little of each, a mind-n... [Continued]

Life Hacks to Get Your Morning Moving

Article image Life Hacks to Get Your Morning Moving

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Nothing beats a good stretch first thing in the morning.

Who doesn’t like waking up all refreshed and energized. We all want to be like that movie character, you know, the one who tosses back the covers, whips open the shades and sings in the shower. But realistically, I’m more of the garden slug variety. Somehow, working on little to no sleep, and not great quality deep sleep either, I manage to be productive…barely. So I’ve been doing a little research. I am certain, by now, you all know that a morning routine, and how you begin your earliest morning hours impacts your entire day.

Morning. Fresh, clean, a new start for any venture, even if it’s carpool, coffee and work. Early AM wakeups offer a fresh new supply of optimism, energy and willpower. Yeah, that’s why it’s so easy to stick to that new diet…until around 11 o’clo... [Continued]

Make This a Year for You

Article image Make This a Year for You

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I felt the immense weight of negativity that came with 2016. The whole of the Internet seemed to think it was just the worst year ever and with the barrage of sad stories coming through… I almost believed it. So what I think we need is a negativity detox, and to focus on our own happiness for a little while.

Happiness takes work! We have to plan and strive for the things that we want, nothing is ever just handed to you in life! So here are a couple things that you can do to make sure that you are a happier person this year!

Learn to be just a little bit selfish

You heard that right! Be selfish! I’m not saying be a bad person… but you need to think of what you need once in a while. Think about what you need to do for your health and happiness once in a while instead of ju... [Continued]

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William Shakespeare

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Up All Night? How to Make It Through the Day Comment By: MorningBeans
You're welcome Lynn. The short naps really work.

3 Ways to Plan Your Healthy New Year Comment By: Eileen
Inciteful. Enjoyed the article and as usual, something to take away. Here's me raising a cup of coff

3 Ways to Plan Your Healthy New Year Comment By: Shayna Klein
Loved this! Great article

Goodbye 2016: An Open Letter Comment By: Brandi Puga with
definitely need to stay caffeinated! I am looking at this new year with hope, the end of 2016 was fi

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Starting with Self-Love Comment By: DSB
So absolutely true for all of us ! Well needed insights. Thank you !

30 Day Self-Challenge Comment By: Brenda
great list. I started keeping a gratitude journal in November. working on meditating twice a week.

Starting with Self-Love Comment By: Laura
I love that I am a Great Feeler. This term just came to me the other day. I've spent a lot of my lif

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