10 Little Habits That Will Change Your Life


Hello my beautiful peeps. Can you believe how fast the summer has whizzed on by? For those of us in the Sunshine State, school starts this week or next, many new collegiates are en route to their new adventures and that clock just keeps on ticking. So here’s the big question; are you sleepwalking through life or involved and enjoying every little second?

It’s time my friends, to start noticing your blessings. Pay attention to the gentle whispers of your heart and soul, and be kind to those around you. Choose your path, so you experience the life that you want to live. I know, this is sometimes a daunting task, and I’ve been down the self-pity road many times. But it is then that I revisit my heart and mind, and remember to look at the bigger picture. Life is filled with silly little details, and we often lose focus. Today, you lucky little ducks, I am sharing ten little life changers. That’s right, simple habits you can adopt (if they’re not already a part of your life) to make your life rock! Please note: THIS IS THE ONLY LIFE WE HAVE, ROCK IT, LIVE IT AND LOVE IT! So it’s time to wake up, be mindful of how you live each day. Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter and on people who are toxic to your soul. Stop pretending that there will always be time and live in the now, for now, for you. Instead of losing touch with what matters to you, try these ten little habits and renew your happy, your outlook, your goals, and your well-being.

  1. Let the Sunshine in. Get your daily dose first thing in the morning (along with those am beans). If you can, try for a quick walk around the block, this is why I love having a dog. It’s forced morning time. Honestly, the light and movement will wake you up, and it helps set your circadian rhythm. (This means you’ll be more alert during daylight hours, and you’ll get some seriously good shut eye at night.)

    Sunshine is a natural pick me up and a great habit to hang on to.
  2. Meditate. Just two minutes a day can increase your calm quotient. It makes you less self-conscious, happier and did I mention, calmer? It’s important to meditate every day – make this your go-to habit, and you can call on it when you’re stressing in the middle of the day as well. Of course, if you need more than two minutes, Ohm.
  3. Control your body, control your mind. Learn to adopt a confident posture, stand tall and straight – it oozes self-confidence. Leaning back makes you appear more relaxed, or perhaps you already are. And smile. Not only does it increase face value, but people who smile are smiled upon – it’s a happiness spreader. So share as often as possible, and you’ll feel happier too. I promise.
  4. Look for the best. When you meet someone, look for some positive qualities. Chances are if you’re looking for a reason to dislike someone, you’ll find it. Be open; you may be surprised at who you let in, and who has your back.
  5. Dress for Yourself. I once had a boss (shout out to Ted Rawlins here) who told me that confident people dress to impress only themselves. So as long as your clothing is appropriate to your situation (work, casual, etc.) be who you are. Let your unique self shine through. Clothing changes not only how people perceive you, but also how you carry yourself. Dress like the person you want to be.

    Thanks to my amazing friends Kitsch Rae and Cazzie for this great pix. London 06.2017
  6. Search for good news. Based on the news, you might think that the world is going to Hades in a handbag. And it might be. I choose to live in my own happy bubble. Now, this does not mean ignorance, but I try to seek positive news stories as well to balance all that negativity.
  7. Face those fears. Without losing your positive streak, look at the worst case scenarios for your life. If you play it out, you can create a simple plan for dealing with it, assuming it ever happens. Your fears have more power over you if they are vague, by sorting them and facing them, you have the power!
  8. Do the one thing you dread most first. For me, this is laundry or cleaning. I find (and you will too) that if you get the dirty jobs out of the way early on, you’re free for the rest of the day. No unnecessary stress at work wondering how you’ll get all that housework done.
  9. Exercise. Not my favorite, but a habit that keeps you strong, mind and body. All you have to do is earmark 20-30 minutes a day to work out. Find what you love, Zumba, kickboxing or just yoga. But do it!
  10. Hydrate. I know, seems simple, right? Did you know that almost 75% of people are chronically dehydrated? Don’t be one of them. Try for those eight glasses a day. I’ll take mine with coffee, please.

Building these habits will make you healthier, happier and more productive. Take a time out, and refocus on what’s important, regain control of your life. Change is hard but worth it. I promise you lovely peeps, that regret is worse than change. So get out there, adopt some new habits, and live out loud!

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😘☕

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