10 Resolutions You Can Accomplish Before New Year’s

There's still time to finish those goals before ringing in the new year!
There’s still time to finish those goals before ringing in the new year!

Let’s face reality peeps. 2016 is almost over. In just a few weeks we will all be listing those resolutions for the new year. Let’s talk about those resolutions, without teary sentimentality. There’s no excuse to postpone your goals – the things you REALLY want out of life. There’s still plenty of time left of 2016 to make significant changes to your life. Let’s make the most out of the rest of the month my lovelies.

Ok, so you know I am all about the lists. Post it notes, in my head, on my iPad, S-note and more… I am pretty old school. Every month, I write down in the back of my planner (with my trusty purple pen) what I truly want to accomplish by the end of the month. This helps me focus on achievable, and sometimes practical goals. And no, I’m not always successful, but every 30 days (roughly) I get the chance to start over. And that’s pretty cool.

Below are 10 things from my personal lists that you can accomplish in the next 20 some odd days. Maybe they’re not all possible, but I’m certainly going to try.

  1. Tell the people who matter that you love and appreciate them. Your parents, kids, friends, spouse, even your hairdresser or that person who supplies your evening wine – anyone and everyone who matters. If there’s someone you’ve been meaning to tell “I love you”, just get on with it. No fear. AND for the bonus round, how about a little love note letting those special to you know just why they are in your heart. They’ll appreciate it more than you know, and you get a cosmic positive boost as well. 

    Life is unpredictable, make sure those close to you know just how you feel.
    Life is unpredictable, make sure those close to you know just how you feel.
  2. Bookworms of the world unite and read! I know, nobody reads anymore – lies- after all, you’re reading this, aren’t you? And,if you’re like me, your reading list stretches all the way to Jupiter. I have at least a dozen books I want to finish before the end of the year, but the time to sit and read eludes me. In today’s world that never sleeps (thank you world wide web), it’s time to put back some boundaries and get back to the written word. I promise, it’s worth it. Me, I love the feel of paper and the smell of ink, but even my Kindle app gets a lot of use. I’ve even started reviewing books as a way to get myself back to reality. (My reality anyhow)
  3. Get Healthy. I’m sure this is top of the list for a lot of people. Eating better, exercising, making healthy choices, and the ever so often cheat treat. I’ve entered a new phase of my life where I want healthy to be a habit. I don’t want to think about it, I want to live it. There’s still time to try yoga, Pilates, clean eating and mindfulness. Every day is a new beginning – so slide out the yoga mat, grab your kale and get busy!
  4. Watch the sunrise. I am an early riser- 5:00 am to be exact (although insomnia has my eyes and mind wide awake by 4:00) It is the most peaceful time of day for me. The dark navy sky is just beginning to glow when I walk the dog at 5:45. It’s a perfect time for quiet meditation, reflection, and to set your intentions. Just you, your hopefully peaceful, mindful thoughts, and the rising sun. (By the way, nothing beats that first cup of coffee in the quiet darkness of your home..trust me.)

    Take time for yourself - watch the sunrise and feel the promise of your day.
    Take time for yourself – watch the sunrise and feel the promise of your day.
  5. Declutter your space. After you clean (including your closet, of course), take any unwanted items, (I use the 1 year rule: if I haven’t used or worn it in a year (short of winter clothes for traveling) it’s out!) and donate them to charity. You are gaining some serious benefits here- uncluttered space means uncluttered mind, and you are helping those in need. Bonus, making a charitable donation positively affects your tax return.
  6. While you’re in the decluttering mode, clean up your inbox, desktop, text messages and photos. Daunting, but WOW! Make your favorite java drink, put on your favorite tunes, get comfy and technically cut the clutter. Make albums, burn CDs or flash drives to keep the memories while freeing up some digital space for new ones.
  7. Let’s practice those random kindnesses. Compliment a stranger. When you pop into the coffee shop for that PM pick me up and a complete stranger compliments you — your smile, outfit, shoes, it really feels good. It might even brighten up your ho hum day. SO how about this- be the kind complimentary person you are Check out the reaction of a stranger when you compliment them. Talk about positive, warm fuzzies. So go on – make someone feel really good today!
  8. Write yourself a year end letterBe honest, kind and proud of yourself. Try and remember the highlight of 2016. We all endure setbacks, write about what you learned from yours, and how you found the strength to move forward. What did you learn about yourself and the situation? Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back with self-love and pride for your little victories. I am slapping myself proudly for getting published, finding the courage to change my career path, and the strength to share myself with all of you here on this blog.
  9. Take care of all that stuff you’ve been putting off. Get on top of all those yucky tasks you tend to put off until the last minute. Doctor, dentist, taxes, and ugh, cleaning. By setting aside a specific time for it, you’re more likely to accomplish it, so grab your day planner and schedule yourself now!
  10. Relax and think ahead. Take a few moments and just chill. If you feel like you haven’t accomplished much this year because you’ve had so much on your plate, maybe what you need is some R&R. One thing I’ve learned is that by taking care of your mind, then your body will follow. Get some seriously good rest, meditate, and recharge! 2017 is really just up the block and around the corner. Start thinking about your goals and intentions. Don’t make it a resolution list; they never quite pan out. For me, I intend to spend more time with the people I love. I intend to be financially strategic going forward. I intend to read, write and get that certification. I intend to change my direction and to be happier, more at peace.

    Think about your goals and intentions - no list necessary, but do have a plan of action in mind.
    Think about your goals and intentions – no list necessary, but do have a plan of action in mind.

Whatever your goals are, you can always achieve them. It’s not going to be easy, but I find life never is. You need to get into the right mindset. As I began, so shall I end…2016 is almost history but that is no excuse to postpone your goals. There’s still time left to make significant changes and plans for change in your life. Maximize the rest of your year.

Happy December folks.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕