30 Day Self-Challenge

Grab your purple pen and print this list. Tick off every day – this is one challenge you CAN do!

Print this page(s). This is the easiest challenge you’ll take this year! Good luck and Happy New Year!

1.       Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

2.       Wake up early to savor those morning beans.☕

3.       Go for a walk (bonus if you take the dog)

4.       Purge your closet

5.       Do something DIY & crafty – how about a facial scrub?

6.       Take a hot bath.

7.       Color in an adult coloring book.

8.       Eat your favorite dessert.🍨

9.       Write yourself a thank you note. (Good on a rough day)

10.   Meditate

11.   Do a word search or crossword puzzle.

12.   Buy yourself a gift.🎁

13.   Give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure.

14.   Draw a loopy design and color it in.

15.   Make your bed.

16.   Shoes. Always a new pair of shoes.👠

17.   Organize your desk.

18.   Donate something to a food pantry, etc.

19.   Treat yourself at your favorite coffee shop.

20.   Stretch before bed – like a kitty cat.

21.   Make your favorite meal.

22.   Find 5 inspiring quotes that speak to you.

23.   Tell yourself these affirmations every day. (See #22)

24.   Try a new fitness routine – I like Blogilates.

25.   Create a gratitude jar

26.   Listen to your favorite music for 30 minutes every day. (more if you can)

27.   Dance and sing while cooking or cleaning. (the vacuum makes a great mike)

28.   Write down 5 positive thought about yourself.

29.   Go to bed 15 minutes early – trust me.

30.   Write down 30 things you love about yourself and your life.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕


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  1. great list. I started keeping a gratitude journal in November. working on meditating twice a week. Will definitely working away on your list. Happy New Year.

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