4 Ways to Beat Frustration

Frustration, anger, disappointment…stay calm and refocus.

Call it what you will, anger, frustration? It can sometimes get the best of us, and in turn bring out the worst in us. You know that feelings, it bubbles up, slowly, like the fizz in a too tight soda bottle. It gets to every single one of us at one time or another. Work, kids, your spouse or maybe you just woke up and the day began by smacking your tender noggin on the headboard… you know what happens…temper tantrum. And though we’re all adults, this innate reaction surfaces. So, what can you do to stop looking like a toddler who’s lost her favorite toy? I’ve got 4 surefire methods to calm yourself and refocus. Read on and learn how to hit your reset button.

First, find an outlet. Plug in and reboot, OK, not really. We all need to find some form of distraction that allows us to refocus our frustration. Anger is a powerful emotion. Maybe you need a punching bag (literally) – get some Tae Bo kickboxing action going. Maybe, you just need to punch your pillow. Let it out. And yes, it’s OK to cry. While your pounding out your problems, scream out and see if you can get to the root of your issues. Use that power to exercise and burn up the angry feelings and some calories. Win-win in either case.

Use your energy for something positive and beneficial.

Next, pretend you’re a big box store and rebuild and restore. Now that you’ve punched out and released that tension, look for a way to restore your mind to a place of wellness. That is, be mindful, present. Think about something you can do to restore yourself to a calm place. Maybe you have a creative outlet, writing, drawing, etc. Maybe you’re a diehard runner or into hot Barre classes – go someplace that soothes your spirit. It’s different for everyone, and sometimes will require a combination of place and activity. Only you know the answer to your calm, mindful places and activities.  In this phase, you will also want to seek the comfort of loved ones, who will be willing to listen to you vent. They might even offer some advice – it’s your call whether or not to take it, but remember to be gracious.

Next, now that you’ve talked it out, step back and reevaluate the situation. Angry, frustrated feelings sneak up on you seemingly out of nowhere. If the right trigger pushes your little red button, you can end up like the Hulk in no time at all! Not good at all. If you know that you may say or do something you will regret later, stop. Take a deep breath. REALLY DEEP. Consider what it is that is causing your frustration, maybe journal about it. Just getting it out of your head is the first step to avoiding that overwhelming, fizz building pop that threatens your sanity. Basically, my friends, don’t bottle it up or you’ll blow bigger than Mount St. Helens!

Find a creative outlet to plug into your hidden talent.

Alright my sweet petunia peeps, now you’ve stepped back, released the worst of your anger, and you have possibly processed the meaning to your life. (If it’s all about clumsiness, you may have to re-evaluate your décor) So now, breathe, and re-approach your situation with calm and grace. That’s right -squeeze out the toothpaste, breathe, and brush. Hold onto the calm and new perspective you’ve gained. Do not let frustration get the best of you. We’re all adults, we can’t get away with tossing about our blocks anymore.

Let’s review. If you have been hurt by someone, approach them with grace and offer reconciliation. Or walk away until you can let it go. If your frustration was caused by a random situation in your life (some immovable hurdle or challenge) take a look at it again with new, wide opened eyes. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Look for creative solutions. Everything resolves itself in time.

How do you vent? Please share your methods in the comments. You just might help someone else!

Stay Motivated and Caffeinated!😉☕


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