5 Essentials for a Happy Morning


Success is a relative term. It often seems like a distant goal, accomplished after you suffer pitfalls, setbacks and an unenviable amount of personal endurance. I’m learning with both this blog and my own life, that being content is a process. There is no train stop marked “Happiness Platform,” and therefore, finding your happy place in your professional and personal life is more of a quest.

While I was training to be a life coach, we talked in my courses about the happiness factor, and just what it entailed. Is it hard work? Or is it something tangible that we can use to improve our overall mood and outlook on life. In staying with my rules of five, here are some secrets that happy people are harboring. Savor them, share them, practice them.

1.       Take your time. I am guilty of hitting the snooze button a couple of times (OK, three or four times) when I feel tired in the early am hours. BUT, I have time, since I set the alarm to wake me almost 20 minutes earlier than necessary. It’s important to give yourself time to linger and breathe as you prepare your morning ablutions. By sleeping in, rushing, or having no consistent schedule, you run the risk of feeling frazzled all day. (Check out the alliteration peeps😊) Make sure that you have time to enjoy those morning beans (or tea) and to plan out your day. If you are always rushing, then you are adding undue stressors to your already stressful life. By being organized (try setting up the coffee at night) and relaxing through your a.m. routine, you are creating endorphins and those mean happiness.

2.       Focus on your future (and the present) but leave the past where it belongs. There are no should’ve, could’ve or would’ve moments allowed. Shake the skeletons out of your closet and bury them in the yard. It’s time to move forward and live in the moment. Focus on what you are doing right now and on the goals you have set for your immediate future. Yes my lovelies, be mindful. When you aren’t wasting energy on regrets, you will feel better taking chances and maximizing your success and happiness factors.

3.       Finish something that makes you feel powerful. Poetry before dawn? How about running a mile or two? Try finishing something in the morning besides your coffee. Though different for each of us, it is essential to schedule time in the morning for your task.  Maybe you like to do a word puzzle or read or exercise. Make time, and whatever that thing is, it will energize you and reinforce a sense of power within. This feeling releases powerful endorphins- so you get happy!

4.       Communicate. People who smile and talk to others are happier, more satisfied people. Check in with your closet buddies, meet a friend for a coffee before work or just talk to the guy next to you on the bus. People need people, and by spreading good humor (not the ice cream although it might be refreshing) is a sure way to bring a smile to someone’s face.

5.       Set daily goals. Happy people are maters of micro goal setting. Laying out your day helps make sure you accomplish everything on your to-do list. The people with the best attitudes are the ones who take the time to plan ahead. When you achieve what you set out to do in a day, you feel accomplished, happy and satisfied.


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