5 Ways to Keep Your Workspace Motivating


Let’s get real peeps- nobody likes to work. And nobody wants to work in a cluttered, disorganized mess, which can be distracting. Since I am all about wellness and motivation (when I am inclined to be – hey, I’m human), let’s talk about ways to make your desk a center for your soul. OK, how about just a space that will enhance wellness and productivity? Using the correct mindset (meditate on that) and a few simple hacks, you can get a balance between work and wellness that will enhance your life.

  1. Morning Happy. Let’s face it, we all check our email with that first cup of coffee, sometimes with the first stretch. Why not make sure there is something in your inbox that makes you smile, or think a happy thought? My mom likes Wordsmith since she is an avid word gamer (crosswords, Words with Friends, etc.) and this email drops a new word into her morning every single day. As for me, I like The Skimm, sometimes. I hate news, but realistically I need to know what’s going on in the world. I am a functioning adult, so this email gives me the skinny on all the top stories in less than 5 minutes. Not such a bad idea to stay sharp.
  2. Snacks. Seriously, you can get hangry, and that’s no fun. If we all want to stay healthy this year (and we do!), then a quick run to the donut shop or the vending machine won’t cut it. Although I work from home, I prepare some healthy go to’s so I don’t eat that family size bag of Oreos while typing away. Some suggestions? Measure out some nuts or granola. Tip: put the granola in a 4 oz yogurt – if you freeze the yogurt, it’s almost like ice cream. Protein bars are great but check the calories and the sugar. The less there is, the better it is. I’m currently into the Rx Bars – the PB is my fave. And of course, the dark chocolate with quinoa that resides in my freezer. Caffeine, chocolate, sugar and healthy grains. I call it a win-win.
  3. Five minutes of movement. DO NOT make this about a loo run. Those of us chained to a keyboard are prone to pins and needles in our legs, hip pain, numb bums, and more. Avoid future health issues with little preventative maintenance. Take 5 and get up. If you work from home, take a walk or dance to your favorite song. Stretch. If you’re in a cubicle, walk the floor, and if you are lucky enough to have an office – yoga? Some good stretching exercises or jumping jacks. Just be sure nobody can see- that’s a viral YouTube waiting to happen.
  4. Hydrate. Although I am officially a caffeine addict, I do forget to drink. We humans are supposed to intake a certain amount of water (I prefer mine with ground magic coffee beans) so keep a water bottle on hand. Invest in something without BPA, glass is best, but some of us have butterfingers. Make it your biz to sip up and keep all the creative juices flowing along with water. The extra bathroom breaks mean extra exercise. Again, win-win.
  5. Do one kindness for yourself. Do something today that you will thank yourself for tomorrow. Send that last email correspondence, prepare your water, set up those healthy snacks. Organize your notes for the morning. Be prepared, so when you get into work, there’s one less thing waiting for you. Pay it forward.




  1. I love the 5 minutes of movement Idea. I am working on a 7-day remaking your morning challenge and I think I’m going to incorporate that into my routine.

    • Just be sure to choose your snacks wisely – too much sugar creates a spurt of energy and then a huge unproductive letdown. Stay positive and caffeinated! 🙂

  2. I love this! I constantly need the reminder to get my butt out of my chair – unfortunately my biggest issues it that the two places to go in my office are the kitchen (don’t need the candy 😉 ) and the bathroom. often times though to get around that, i’ll take the long way around the office through our back warehouse just to add on steps and in the warm wearther, I take 20 minute walks outside after lunch to move and get some fresh air 🙂

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