60 Second Boost: day eight of the Ten Day Challenge


Sixty Second Boost

Day 8

day8First, I want to let you know how proud I am of you! You are taking little steps, at minimal effort (really) to improve your life. No resolutions. Fantastic! These quick changes are really going to help you, promise.

Challenge: Try any of the following for just one minute. I bet you’ll keep on going!

  1. You all know I’m into mindfulness and meditation. Take 5 deep breaths. Take your time. Relax. Inhale slowly for 5 seconds, exhale slowly for 10 seconds. It’s a quick pick me up.
  2. Go outside. Sunshine preferred. Just take a minute to step into the sun, grab some vitamin D.
  3. Crank the tunes. Put on your favorite song. Happy endorphins are released and it builds your immunity, yes, there is research to prove that. If you can’t help but dance, well, Bonus Points!
  4. 20 jumping jacks right now. Heart pumping, blood flowing – you’ll feel energized!
  5. Because. (Just the act of smiling will make you feel happy.)