A Minimal Mindset


This past year I have seriously changed. I cut my spending, took some online classes and learned to be mindful. Mindfulness should extend to every are of your life peeps, and your budget is no exception. I learned quite a bit about needs, wants and necessities, and how to wrap your head around that new, lower budget. To become a minimal shopper (spender?) you will need to change your mindset and embrace minimalism and mindfulness. I hope these tips encourage you, support you and challenge you to start reaching for those long term financial goals.

Change your mind, change your spending.

  • You don’t NEED very much to live. Lovely, wonderful peeps, you need to hang on to this concept and believe it with all your heart. There is no magic pixie dust here, this one’s on you. If you can embrace the idea that you need less, you will stop that overspending habit that rears its ugly head when you’re out and about. This is especially true in the shoe store, at least for me. Think about how blessed you are: you are healthy, you have people who love you, a roof overhead, food to eat, etc. The idea that we always need MORE to add to our lives is a sick mindset. Heal yourself by remembering all that you have (I’ll get to decluttering later on) and I hope this will help you stay focused on your savings goals.

    Learn to tell yourself NO! when it comes to impulse shopping and events.
  • Say “NO!” to lots of little things, so you can say “YES!” to something bigger and better. So, you’re trying to cut the shopping sprees and you know why. You want to be debt free, or you want to take a vacation to the sunny beaches of Corfu, or you want to buy something big, like a house or car. Keep your dreams in the front of your mind, and let them help you resist temptation. Every time you say NO to something small and an impulse buy, you are saying YES to the bigger picture.
  • Happiness and personal well-being is not and should not be dependent on material things. None of us are immune to the power of suggestion as amazon drops ads into our social media feeds. How many times have you shopped at Target for household goods and walked out with bags of clothing as well? New items give us all a certain high, but once the exhilaration of owning something new is over, it becomes just extra “stuff” in our cluttered closets. Declutter your closet and your mind by resisting the impulse to buy. Your true happiness comes from intangible things, love, family, pets, etc. Your happiness and your life is more than what you own.

Summing up my lovelies, I think these 3 mind shifts will serve you well towards your long-term goals! I hope I encouraged you today! I’m passionate about following your dreams and learning to live minimally. These two ideals seem to go hand in hand. If you’re here visiting MBB, then it means there is something in you that believes it as well! So, grab that coffee, get a big box and start decluttering your life.

Live motivated and caffeinated! ☕☕(yup, I changed that 😊)




  1. I’ve been trying to become more mindful too; I hate the notion that we all need “more” – I really am lucky when I think about it, I don’t need stuff to make my happy, I’m settled with a job I love, a great family and fiancé. Yes , I love the buzz of getting something new, but it soon wears off. I’m going to bookmark this page to remind me in the future when I’m thinking of splurging on something I really don’t need!

  2. Whenever I go shopping with my kids they tend to toss stuff in the shopping cart. I often don’t notice until check out. Oye.

    • My kids used to do this. I used to give them each a list, and promise a treat (like homemade milkshakes or cookies) to whoever stuck to the list. When they were too young to read, I cut pictures out of magazines and grocery fliers and glued them to index cards. It worked almost 90% of the time.

  3. You’re absolutely correct…more doesn’t mean better! We as a society do need to cut down on material belongings. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this! We are trying to say no to all of the little things too. There is just too much STUFF in my house!!
    Plus, we are excited about a fun vacation so it makes the little ‘no’s easier.

  5. I agree with this 100%! I’ve realized recently that I’ve been a minimalist all of my life, and that’s the root behind my love to organize. I love having only things that I love and make me happy. Clutter (in any form) stresses me out.

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