A New Start


Time for morning beansThis year I am ready. No resolutions. Every year I make a resolution to change something about myself or my way of life that never comes to fruition. I thought about it, and realized that most of the new year’s resolutions that people make are ones that shame, that make us want to change something visible to others. This year I am resolving to make changes in my life that will affect not only my personal life, but that of others. I will see every day as a new beginning, a new chance to start over or change my mind about a resolution.

This year I resolve to be more green,at home, at work, in my life. I resolve to take the time I need for myself, to change the things about myself I want to change.

I am going to learn to be tolerant of the world around me and those who are in my immediate orbit.

I am focusing on the positive, on spiritual well being, as opposed to the physical need to be thinner, prettier, etc. I will not make resolutions that will deprive me. I resolve to find ways to soothe my soul, and to honor my spirit.

Here’s hoping that everyone finds what they need this year. Peace and prosperity to all.