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So it’s no secret that I’m in the market for a job. My current situation, freelancing and working as a medical receptionist  is driving me mad. So what am I seeking? A great job in writing- content writing, proofreading – something of that ilk. And guess what, not only are the jobs scarce but when I tell recruiters I want to do content writing, I get a blank look. So here it is, the MBB take on what exactly is content writing, and why it’s such an impressive field.

Let’s begin with you. Think about how you use the internet on a daily basis. If you’re typical, you shop, research, connect with your peeps, watch some Netflix or YouTube, or find some other type of entertainment. According to recent studies, most of us spend about five-six hours of our days online. Therefore, companies will pay good money to create content that grabs your attention. And guess what, outstanding content writing makes your experience entertaining and delicious. (I’ve recently been on one too many recipe sites).

Content marketing is what most companies use to grab your undivided attention. The writers use great copy to answer all the questions you may not have even thought of about a service or a product. A great content writer knows how to get past any of your doubts before you have a chance even to conjure them into thought. And…they can do it without any sales jargon at all. Content marketing won’t sell your service directly, but it works magic in getting your future clients ready to buy whatever you may be selling. It can also help your online business if that’s the road you’re on.

Just what are the benefits of fabulous content writing?

  • You can attract traffic to your website. Because most people are online most of the time, sites that meet their needs attract traffic, even the organic type. High-quality content about information that people are seeking will attract web traffic through social media shares and posts, referrals from other websites (why guest blogging is popular) and through a basic Google search. People love sharing interesting (and sometimes informative) content with their friends and family. This is a great way to get visibility and traffic, and hopefully clients.
  • Sign people up for your email list.  The benefit of well-written content is that all those people sharing your stuff will most likely come back for more. The more often they visit your site, the more likely they will sign up to get your content in their inbox. Once this happens, there is a higher chance that they will buy your services or your product. A bonus, once someone is a subscriber on your valued e-mail list, you can send them additional content. Get them to know you, love you and trust you. This leads to sales or business, depending on your niche.
  • Strengthen the relationship. Let’s talk about the trust factor. People do not buy anything from companies that they are unfamiliar with; you need to build a relationship. Excellent content writing fills that void and helps potential clients get to know you better. Stay honest. Let them learn to trust you via your words. If you send content to your e-mail list, you are affirming that they know you, they get you and what you and your company are all about, and they like you. This generates revenue. Trust me.
  • Remember that compelling content is a necessity. So-so content is unimpressive, and often unmemorable. Effective content writing will drive your responses and increase your sales.
  • Never forget the difference between content writing and copywriting. Content writers specialize in using content to build awareness of your product or service. They push for action using social media, blogs, newsletters, etc. They are subtle and subversive, keeping your services on the back burner of your potential client’s mind; ready to move forward when they need your service or product. A copywriter is purely a sales slut. I admit it. Copywriters love to have that punchline that generates the sale. They shine on landing pages, e-mail blasts, and sales letters (yup, YouTube videos count).

Now that you’re educated feel free to share, forward or recommend Morning Beans, or me (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Sometimes, the best ad for a self-sale is a happy reader. As for me, I’ll keep plugging away, freelancing where I can and searching for that perfect job. (And yes, this is a shameless plug!)

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😍☕






  1. love it! What I read so far, at least. You’re very TALENTED. See? I finally read your blog!!! Good to have seen you recently

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