About Morning Beans Blog


Morning Beans Blog was born from a need to express my frustration and get the words I truly wanted to say out in the open. It began as a whim, a journal of sorts, and then fell silent for a while.

Like all bloggers and writers, at one time or another, I would stare at the paper and wonder to myself, ” what should I write?”

The material is there, ready to pour out of my soul through the pen, but how can I make it unique? How can I spark personal inspiration and make others feel motivated? How can I touch others and make them feel emotions and the words they forgot how to say?

And so, I write. Morning Beans, an ode to my favorite time of day and my favorite drink (yes, I admit it, I’m a coffeeaholic) has become my mouthpiece. I’m sharing little bits of my soul with you dear readers, hoping to move you. If you are a writer, like me, there periodically will be some tips, some brainstorming ideas, and lists. If you’re just an extraordinary regular person, there will be humor, motivation and hopefully something to brighten your day.

Great coffee is strong, hot and bold. Good coffee is shared with friends, old and new. Morning Beans is your cup of motivation and inspiration.