Adolescent Fury


Time for morning beansSo my 15 year old son pushed it today, wreaking havoc for the entire family. What motivates him to be so cruel? Like his father he is relentless, and both are unforgiving. However, this time, my husband has reached his limits. The entire family will no longer be a complete unit due to the teen angst and outbursts of a hormonal 15 year old.

No longer caring for his wife and kids, is doing his responsibility enough? why is it so hard to find harmony in our home. The 15 year old, selfish, looking to prove that he can do whatever he wants, and the 46 year old, now shutting down and punishing the family for the actions of a prepubescent teen, who is right? Neither, but we will all need serious therapy if it continues. Vacation no longer exists due to the rift the teen is causing in our home. So now, he will see how un-fun staying home with no access to electronic devices will be.

Because Netflix on the computer is more important than family, it will no longer exist in his world. As to the hubby? Well, that will be a whole different bag of bones to deal with. Anger on both parts is expected, but the vehemence they both display, not good.

Unacceptable. But what to do? With no real say in the home, the rest of us are trapped. What a way to spend the holidays.