And The Secret Ingredient is … Creativity


Burning Poetic Dreams

Imagining things, and creating things, then turning our ideas into reality is an art. Whether we write, paint or run a business, imagination is something we can’t do without. It fuels us, leads to productive and beautiful lives. For some of us, creative pursuits are the reason we wake up each morning. We survive based on our creative souls, making discoveries about the world and ourselves each and every day. Let me point out dear friends, that it doesn’t really matter if you are naturally artistic; creation occurs in millions of moments, and in hundreds, even thousands of ways. A business plan with spreadsheets to analyze, or developing a new program for your computer is as much a creative pursuit as painting that masterpiece. So how do I make sure my creative streak flourishes? Read on my lovelies for ways you can keep that creative spark in your life.

Natural remedyAlright then, those of you in my inner circle know I love nature. The fresh smell of the grass after a rainstorm, the sun baking me on the hot sand, the roar of the ocean, or even the snow resting on bare armed trees. Seek your own counsel in nature. It provides endless beauty and inspiration, from light and sound to texture. “The earth has music for all those who will listen.” (G. Santayana) it doesn’t matter what you see, we all see different things when we look at the bigger picture. It is what sets us apart, and what brings us together. It is the impact of all that nature smacking us in the face. I believe that being outdoors creates positive vibes, and affects our creative streak. The poet, the painter, the business person having that aha moment; it happens for us all. There is something magical in turning off the world, no cellphones or iPads for a while, and just letting yourself be. Be mindful, be peaceful, be relaxed. Your creative spark is burning bright, let it burn, burn, burn, like a candle in the darkness guiding you to where you want to be.

Moving right along my beautiful dreamers….music. The elixir of the Gods. My life without music would be pointless. Even nature has its music, but I’m talking about being inspired. How to really get those creative juices flowing. Music, my friends, is one of the greatest achievements of humanity’s creative spirit. Music feeds the soul, and makes us emote. It has he power to transport us (not literally, of course) to different times and places. Music makes us see what is ordinarily hidden. Most scientists will probably say, (and no, I haven’t verified this, it’s my educated guess) that classical music, the melodies and harmonies and cacophony of sound from the orchestras, fuel that creative spark. Melody makes us see images in our minds, and helps us tap into new and creative ideas. Now while this works for some, for me, it’s always been about my favorite band.

Cure FanSince I was eleven, I have been inspired, lifted up or kept close to my melancholic persuasions, by The Cure. There is something about Robert Smith’s voice and the melodies of the timeless music that moves me. And so I create. Dark, metaphoric poetry, or light whimsical prose. That depends on my mood, and where I am when listening to my tunes. Sometimes, I just have to listen, and do nothing but breathe. It helps breathe life into that little worm of inspiration, and I am found.

Sometimes, you need to get out. Out of your head, out of your home, just out. Period. And what better inspiration than your friends! Friends are a gift. They are there to support you, to laugh with you (and sometimes at you) and to inspire you. We all have that one special friend who really gets us. They know about all our quirks and silliness, and they love us anyway. If you’re lucky, like me, you might have a few of these incredible people in your life. Consider yourself blessed. Sometimes, going out with a friend brings that creative spark back because of a shared experience. How often do you go for a drink, and something so random occurs, that there is tequila or coffee shooting out your nose? Or maybe, a fit of hysterical giggles over a shared memory. As you wish. It all counts toward creativity, and that’s what we’re all about. We are all desperate to be unique and creative to move ahead in all areas of our life. Shouldn’t we have some fun along the way?

OK, let’s talk about your work environment. A corner office, a desk by the patio doors, or the kitchen table. Doesn’t matter. Make it yours. Own it. Love it, or your work will be bland and boring. Life is too short to not be inspired, even you’re an accountant. Some of you, my dear readers, need an immaculate area in which to create your work. Distractions define you, so you keep it simple.Desk of dreams Others, like me,  well, we revel in disorganized clutter. It lets me be uninhibited, and allows me to peddle my prose. Incoherent scribbled sentences on napkins, doodles of random thoughts that can’t be put into words, all of this keeps me sane and in sync with my thoughts. Whatever it is you do, make it your space where your creative genius can thrive. If you’re not feeling so inspired , create a new environ for yourself. Make it your happy space…art, quotes, photos…anything that makes you smile, makes you think. Let your mind wander and spin the silky threads of creative genius.

Last, but not least, since you, my loves, all have your own ways to spark creative genius, is the Internet. The world of the web is overflowing with inspiration. Pinterest, Tumbler, even Facebook. The beauty is its so random and individualized for us all. Whether it’s a funny meme or a new recipe for frozen watermelon granitas, I challenge you to not find something to ignite your fuse. There are pictures, poems, stories, inspired quotes, tutorials, articles and so much more. It’s like a portable warehouse of imaginative imagery sure to invoke that tingle in your brain.

Creativity is one of our most precious traits. It is pursued by the masses, while we all strive for uniqueness. Creativity is the foundation of human evolution, in my humble opinion. So tune in to your creative side. Dream a little, or a lot. Pick up a pen, a crayon, a stick to draw in the sand. Dance around the kitchen with your favorite music blasting in the background. Be silly. Laugh a lot. Tap those feelings and light your fire. Keep creating!

Let me know how you jumpstart your creative side. And no fear here, nobody this side of inspiration will ever judge you. Free spirited, creative geniuses. That’s us – you and me. Our ideas fuel the world and change it for the better piece by piece. So until next time my fellow artistes …
Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😉☕️