Autumn Decluttering : How to Clean Your Self Mindfully

Follow Mother Nature's lead; Identify, release and let go of that which is holding you back.
Follow Mother Nature’s lead; Identify, release and let go of that which is holding you back.

We tend to think of Spring as the time to declutter and clean house. In truth, autumn is a perfect time to cleanse your spirit and let go of what no longer serves purpose in your life. It’s about purging not only the corners of your closet, but of your mind as well.

If you live anywhere not south of the border (sorry fellow Floridians) you will notice the jewel toned leaves as they turn, and slowly fall to the earth. Everywhere, the days are shorter and soon the flowers and blossoming plants of summer will hide away for a while. Mother Nature is letting go and stripping down to the bare essentials, keeping only what is really necessary to get through the long, cold, dark winter. Take a hint here. Gaia is helping you identify, release, and letting go of your excesses. It’s time to purge the things that are weighing down your life.

I used to love autumn. OK, I still do, but a lot is memory and sensory based. I guess that’s why I use more cinnamon and nutmeg in the kitchen. Warm memories of chunky, sweet homemade applesauce and orange spice cakes linger.  I also am a tree hugger. Yes, I love trees. They reflect humans so well, and I want to use them as a metaphor here folks. Think about what would happen (again, Florida peeps, think Northern states) if trees never shed their leaves. They would run out of space for new growth, and might lose opportunities to flourish. You see where I’m headed here?

We humans hold on to old fears, resentments, habits, and general ways of “being,” because they FEEL comfortable. Sometimes we hold on so tightly that we don’t see that that these habits or feelings no longer serve a valuable purpose. In fact, often they stand in your way of moving forward in life. I think it’s important to “clean house” every now and again, and take stock of what you’re holding onto. You may be missing out on new ideas, opportunities and general good stuff in life.

So now what? I have a simple Fall ritual for you to let go of the things in your life that are ready to be released. Let’s make some room to grow. Of course, you can do this any season, but it is November my lovelies, so why wait?

Make some time for yourself.  Take a walk, find a spot in nature that feels comfortable to you. Beach, park or that pile of leaves in your yard – all great choices. Now, just sit. Breathe. Be mindful and present. Take in the autumn air and the energy of Mother Nature. Release all the junk in your mind. Almost meditate, but not quite. (and yes, it’s really possible.) Think about the following…slowly.

  •  What about your life feels overwhelming to you?
  •  What habits leave you feeling tired or bored?
  • What is the one thing you are most scared of – right now?
Make some time for yourself. Find your cozy spot to sit and be mindful.
Make some time for yourself. Find your cozy spot to sit and be mindful.

When you’re ready, think about your truths- your answers. Make a list of 3 things you are ready to purge. Right now. Things that you know in your heart no longer serve a purpose, even if they feel comfortable.

Next, find three small rocks or twigs. Each one will be a representation of one of those habits you’re tossing to the wind. Be clear about what each one represents. In your mind, say to yourself that the rock represents your fear, or your old habit, or whatever you need to get rid of to move forward. Let each rock or twig take on the energy of what you want to release.

Now, I must again bring us back to mindfulness. (I heard your groan, lol) I’ve spoken about meditative walks. Walks where we are present and aware and yes, mindful. Take one now, with your rocks. As you walk, drop them. Be clear that they symbolize bad habits, things you need to get rid of to be happy. Feel how your body/mind shifts gears and loses the weight of these fears and habits.

Use small pebbles to toss your unwanted habits to the sea, wind or pathway.
Use small pebbles to toss your unwanted habits to the sea, wind or pathway.

Now, you can breathe. Move ahead. Fall cleaning done, you can look for success, happiness and all the beauty in your life.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕

Author’s note: Today would have been my grandmother’s 96th birthday, and I am dedicating this post to her memory. She will remain forever in my heart as the one who taught me to bake,(see Pinwheels & Promises)  to persevere, to be bold and outrageous, and to love myself in my uniqueness. She was a firm believer in constantly learning and improving yourself. She inspired me. I love and miss you Savta!



  1. Great post. I have always felt September more the start of a new year for me. Maybe because school started. Wise words letting ideas/things go that no longer serve a purpose and letting new ideas in. Heading out soon (Canada) so yes to changing seasons and going to really look with new eyes. Thank you.

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