Be consistant, day three of the Ten Day Challenge


Be Consistent!

Alright! You’ve made it to Day 3.  This is the make or break it day, show your commitment! Consistency. It’s super easy to maintain healthy, positive habits when we make them natural. Incorporate your new habit into your day, and soon, you won’t even think about it!

Day 3:

You don’t have to be an expert to figure out that consistency is essential to successfully change your health and your life.

FullSizeRenderSO you start out OK, with the best intentions, but then…BANG! Life happens. There are loads of surprises waiting to wreck your day, and your resolution. Before you know it, the day is shattered and all hopes of healthy habits, from the walk in the park to the healthy meal have run off screaming for cover. It all feels like too much to deal with. Something needs to give. More often than not, it is the things that affect you alone. I mean, the kids only want dinner, they don’t care about your diet, or your desire for a three course healthy meal.

Tips for Building Consistency:

Never Tell Yourself You Aren’t Motivated: Though it might be true that you don’t feel like exercising or eating a salad, it doesn’t mean you aren’t motivated. Make a decision. You have a choice. Pay attention to how you feel about your choice. Being consistent does not mean being perfect. Becoming consistent gives you the power to choose. And choose wisely.

Build momentum one step at a time.

 It’s never easy to change old habits or start new routines. Studies say it can take between 20-40 days, so you’re going to have to work at it – even when you don’t feel like it. The hardest part is getting started. But once you’re moving, staying in motion becomes easier.


Set a goal of one 10-minute exercise session per week. Then increase it to two 10-minute sessions. Gradually add minutes to each workout when you’re ready. No pressure.

Find an accountability buddy: someone who knows about your plan and is willing to give you a push when you feel like goofing off.

Always Have A Plan B

Put some time into identifying the most common problems that disrupt your new, positive, healthy routines, and figure out what you can do to handle these problems without sacrificing your routine.

When life gets hairy, just put your plan B into action.