Be Happy in 3,2,1…

Simple steps to bring joy to every moment!

Generally speaking, a person needs only three things to be truly happy in life: something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for. Nothing is closer to the truth, but we all go off in different directions making things complicated for ourselves. We have a tendency to look for happiness where it doesn’t and cannot exist; in possessions, quick thrills, shallow goals and in trying to impress the wrong people. Yes, the plastics have seeped in here again. Have no fear my lovelies, there are ways to avoid the false happiness traps.

There are so many sources of true happiness, but as I mentioned, there are also lots of traps. We set up goals and desires for ourselves that we think will bring us happiness, but in truth work exactly opposite. The key is to learn to recognize your own bear traps.  Honestly, one of the best warm, fuzzy and accomplished feelings comes when you realize that you can be totally content without the things you thought you needed to get your happy on. So now, let’s look at three of the most common sinkholes and see how we can avoid them and keep that happy going strong. Sometimes, what we think we need holds us back, weighs down our life packs and makes us, well, not happy. Let’s start some mantra chants folks; start off with:

To be happy, I do NOT need…”

  1. Everything to be easy. To really be happy in life you need to do hard things, make difficult decisions. You need to take on the things that scare you silly. The things others can’t do for you, and that no one else seems to be doing. These things are what define YOU. They are the difference between merely existing and truly living.
  2. To please the planet. Be careful when you offer yourself up to the world. Don’t give so much of yourself to others that you end up lost. If you spend your life pleasing everyone, doing things for their happiness and success, you hurt in the end. Honestly peeps, you are NEVER going to please everyone anyway. At some point in time you’re going to have your own opinion, maybe an unpopular one at that, and “they” won’t be happy. But you will. Your view is what gives depth and meaning to YOUR life, and makes you feel that zing of being alive. So tune out the background noise and be true to you. Your happiness is counting on you.
  3. Moments of glory. These are all those little things. The feeling after a long day as you pull into the driveway, the taste of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, watching the sun rise or set (I’m an early bird, you should definitely catch the sunrise at least once in your life- it’s quite joyful and serene and lovely.) True happiness is found in appreciating all of the little things. (I know, repetition – but qualified here peeps) Feel your happy – your life is a privilege, make it count.

Summing up my sweets, happiness – true, everlasting happiness, can be yours in 3 tiny, easy steps. Remember to live life out loud for YOU, don’t be that people pleasing sad sack. Second, take the challenges presented to you – if it’s always easy, it can’t make you feel great, can it? And last, but not least, find joy in the simple, little things. Your morning coffee, your children’s laughter, a walk on the beach. Be positive, be happy.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕

Dedicating this  song to Ken Simon (RIP). It’s how he got his happy face on…always.