Black Dawn by William Blackwell




Voodoo. Murder. Mayhem. Confused alcoholic novelist. Sound intriguing? Best settle in tight, because this page turner will keep you up all night. That’s right- a one sitting read.

Saul Climer is down on his luck. Clearing a path to the beach in order to sell his Prince Edward Island home, he falls prey to alcoholic nightmares, and something more sinister. Depressed and isolated, he falls deeper into the pit of despair and begins to have nightmares. Not the garden variety kind, but the out of body, vivid, scary kind that involve time travel.

Saul realizes that his nightmare vacations are almost telepathic. His sixth sense kicks in, and he begins to witness murders both on PEI and in the Dominican Republic, where his girlfriend remains. Once her life is threatened, he must battle his own demons, and some otherworldly ones as well to save civilization as he knows it.

Though no longer my typical genre, Blackwell’s plot twists unfold so seamlessly that I couldn’t stop reading for fear of not knowing the outcome. Kudos to the author on the incredible job writing this page turner. I am now destined to read more of his books.

This edge of your seat thriller has all the dark gore horror fans enjoy, as well as the suspense of a government thriller. Spies, cover-ups and mad scientists mingle with demons in an epic tale of courage.

Ride this one through to the end, it’s well worth it.

ISBN 9781634915656  Aug. 2016