Bored? Get Past The Burnout


Today’s post is for all my fellow bloggers, content writers, and even those of you lovely peeps who have “normal” jobs. Sometimes, admit it, you just sit at your desk, laptop, patio, beach – wherever you work, and you blank. You are tired of the same old content and bored with what you’re doing. BUT, you LOVE your job…so, how can you beat the burnout blues?In the beginning, you got by with excitement, adrenaline and the plethora of ideas that you were going to share with the masses. But, time passes, and now you find yourself in a rut. Read on for some strategies to stay in love with your job, be it a blog, desk job, or something exciting like a skydiving, aerialist photographer. (Yeah, I’m not sure where that came from either.)


  • Connect. All of us in the creative fields know that “creating” is all about just throwing your whole self into the job and getting it done. Focus is a wonderful thing, but sometimes you need to use a wide angle lens. Try spending some social time in your work space. This space can be metaphorical lovelies; think about live networking events, maybe coffee with a few friends who can bring along someone new and fresh to the gang, or try one of those Skype networking events. We as humans need others, so look for ways to meaningfully connect with others who have similar interests or are in a similar field. Brainstorm and be sure to laugh.
  • Read. Read a lot and not necessarily on your preferred topic. Whenever we are learning something new, it’s natural to immerse ourselves and watch, read and listen obsessively. You know I’m right peeps. But here’s the downside, the honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever, and you get bored. Chances are, your audience may be bored (see, I get it folks) so you need to step up your game. It’s that wide angle lens I mentioned before. It’s important in any career to recognize when it’s time to tone down the obsessive focus and grab some new insights about your life and where you’re headed. Especially true for those of us in the creative fields. So read something different. I’m a fan of browsing the library for new authors and new topics that I know zero about – it’s all part of the lifelong learning experience. And that, my friends, will translate to you and hopefully better engagement with me and the world at large. Hint: Focusing outside your specialty (topic) will make you smarter inside of your topic. (also helps with interest and beating the boredom)
  • Keep a journal or sketchbook. Maybe yours, like mine is a combination of both. I try and record little nuances I see – things that grab my attention as I wander through my day. Sometimes I overhear a snippet of conversation at the coffee shop or on line at the market, and it sparks a topic for me that I want to write about later. I get fascinated by the way the new building looks downtown; it reminds me of something…so I’ll jot it down and remember later. I doodle, sketch, write down URLs of content I want to check out later and I records scraps of dialogue and even lyrics off the radio. As a creative soul, it’s my job to make something from nothing. The illusion my friends is that I am not making something appear from out of thin air, but creating content from life and my observations.
  • Call yourself out. Ask yourself honestly if you tend to play it safe. Sometimes, we writers hide away something that deeply matters to us, because we are afraid to drop our audience and SEO rankings. But that’s not how it works, not if you want to be true to you (and you lovely peeps know I am all about truth here on Morning Beans). I am calling myself to the place now and promising to you all that I am going to let you know where I stand. Not only does it bring a deeper element of trust between us folks, but it brings an incredible energy to me and what I write. So buckle up for the future my sweets. Exposing myself is scary, but so is obscurity, and I am not hiding in the shadows any longer. Safe, bland prose is simply a different type of prison, and I am breaking out. (So can you – apply this to your situation.)
  • Remember how to play. Life is a game of chance, sort of like the old board game (remember the little pink and blue toothpick like people?) If you’re not having fun, then you’re playing it all wrong. As a creative soul, it needs to always be about the element of fun. I need not only to challenge and inspire you, but I need to challenge myself. So things might be a little different on here from time to time. I may get serious, make you mad, or I might make you laugh until you pee (and I hope you let me know when that happens) – I am going to learn to let life happen and not take it too seriously. You should too because as intelligent life forms, we need to play. It’s how we get smarter, faster, sillier; it’s how we connect, and after all, that’s what this is all about.

 So there you have it. My thoughts on re-engaging, re-focusing and getting your groove back. If any of you lovely peeps have any unique or fave ways to jump start your enthusiasm, let me know. Comments always welcome here at Bean HQ.


Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕













  1. Awesome ideas! I think we’ve all been there. I think having someone to bounce ideas off of (spouse/boyfriend/friend) or to motivate you is good too.

  2. Thank you for some great tips, I especially like the sketchbook idea. I blog about travel and handmade and I should really draw my ideas about DIY or vignettes.

  3. These are good tips, thank you for sharing! I find a break or a change, even just a little one like going for a walk outside, can help to re-motivate! 🙂

  4. Honestly, I haven’t been bored for years. That is because I have injected the reading of a little book into my routine. It is called the Bible. I recommend it to everyone. It is a life changer. 🙂

    • While many people read the Bible or practice their own faith to conquer “boredom” Brian, you missed the main point of the article. This is NOT a faith based blog, and I would never attempt to push religion of any faith on any of my readers. Sometimes, even those with the most fervent beliefs feel burned out and overwhelmed. No matter what religion one practices, sometimes, life happens.

  5. Such great tips! I’ve been feeling this way lately and think I’m going to pick up some colored pencils to use on my adult coloring book — whatever works!

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