Change Your Place, Change Your Luck


This saying comes from the Jewish Talmud. Many times, when things aren’t going our way, we look to our spiritual advisers for advice, and they often share these words. So people move. They pack up their belongings, uproot their lives, and begin again in a new city. A new job, new school, new social groups. Sometimes they keep a link to the past, sometimes they just move on. But they often find themselves back in that bad place before long, looking for the magical change.

What if this is not what the rabbi or priest or other adviser had in mind? Perhaps it isn’t all about your locale. I have been musing about this for the past few days, and I believe it’s about changing the space in your head. Your mind is a powerful place, perhaps it needs a time out. From a short break from work, or a quick walk to clear the proverbial cobwebs; it’s not about the move, but the moving. The other day, I was trying desperately to write, but to no avail. In the time it took me to refill my coffee, something in my head told me to sit outside on the balcony. With that simple move, some fresh air and of course caffeine, In just a few minutes, my pen was moving at a speed I could hardly keep up. (yes,I still like to do it old school before hitting the keyboard) Some days, this is just not enough, and I need to move myself further away; a walk, a drive, something to change my perspective and clear my thoughts.

We all need to put some of the “stuff” floating around inside our heads into storage. It’s all about inner reflection and changing your outlook. It’s like the old En Vogue song lyrics…”Free your mind, the rest will follow…” We need to change our place in our heads, in the universe. Step outside ourselves and focus on a different angle. Sometimes a new spin on an old outlook will change us for the better. Which leads me to the luck part of the saying:
What is luck anyway? By definition, ( luck is:

  •  the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life , as shaping events, circumstances, or opportunities
  • good fortune; advantage or success, considered as the result of chance
  •  a combination of circumstances or events, etc. operating by chance to bring good or ill to a person

So just what is luck anyway? Is it the draw of the cards? How much money you have? Your health? Success?

I believe it is a combination of all of these but that none of these are possible without being the change in yourself. You can’t blame your lack of success on the place where you live. It’s all about attitude. Successful people are positive people. People who believe in themselves, in their ability to manipulate their circumstances into positive experiences. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy.  Successful people are able to be objective. They don’t allow bad experiences to constantly bring them down. They let go of the past, rising to each new day with optimism.  They move. They are decisive and know what they ultimately want to achieve, and they leave room for many moves over a lifetime..

My husband tells me that the saying, “change your place, change your luck,” comes from having to leave your demons. So I am moving. No forwarding address. Farewell to anxiety, procrastination (because if not now, when), negativity and stagnation. Stay behind in your duct taped boxes. I’m moving out and on – metaphorically, of course.

Bottom line, if things aren’t going your way, call the movers. Have them box up all those doubts, all the angst and move them into storage. Change your place. Move to the happy, positive corner of the block and be open. Luck will find you. And your luck, by the way, is simply in the ability to wake up every morning and reach for those goals and dreams. It’s all about personal growth. It’s about freedom, choices and finding or making your own new luck. You can do this!


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