Chasing Dreams


“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C. S. Lewis

We all have dreams. They begin as soon as we can see, imagine and want something out of life. For some, the path is clear and true while for most of us, we muddle through, trying on different hats until we find the one that seems most comfortable. But sometimes, it’s not enough. The safety in being who you are expected to be does not sustain the yearning and the drive for that something more is always just under your skin, itching to seep out through your fingertips.

So perhaps you think I’m cheesy, or too old to worry about chasing my dreams. For too long, I have sat by and watched my world go on around me. Oh sure, I lived every moment, but there was always that central part sitting on the sidelines, watching, waiting and yearning. As I approach the big 5-0, (it’s coming up like a train wreck) I realize I may have set some unrealistic goals for my life. I have been unfair to myself, basing my life on what those around me, those who care for me want me to be at my age. Well, I have made a decision. It’s time to live for me, and to pursue my dreams. I am first settling in to learning my true purpose, my role in the universe, and it is so much more than wife, mother, daughter and friend.

I have spent too many years paying too much attention to what others have thought ideal for me and how I should live my life. It made me secretly fear trying at all, let alone just putting in the effort to realize my dream. Even when I was told I had full support, I was chastised and even led to believe I couldn’t do it on my own. I realize now that I alone have the power to make or break my own dreams.

Last night I enjoyed a too long coffee conversation with a friend, in which we started with talk of Alice in Wonderland, moved on to the psychology of the mind, friendship and creative ventures. We talked of sucking it up and settling for life with limitations (we all need to eat) but adding in time to pursue what we love. The essential bits of life that define us make us the unique individuals that we are. What we both realized that in trying to make others proud of us, in satisfying their values and beliefs, we overlooked our own values and dreams. This is a major life lesson peeps.

I feel that now, in my adult life, I am almost there, and more ready than ever to chase my dreams. That anthology will get published, the dream job may or may not pan out, but I know now what I truly want from my life. While I value other’s opinions, I have to learn not to let them influence my intuition and the passion I have for what I want to achieve.

I think that now, at this stage in my life, I have a new outlook on life. I have developed a certain clarity of my self and who I am, where I want to be, that I didn’t have in my youth. I think my dreams needed time to mature, to form into a tangible path that lets me see what I want for my future. We must never think ourselves too old to dream, and we must have the confidence to create the lives we want to live. I’m working on this right now. My spirit must constantly grow and change and accept challenge if I want to fulfill my destiny. Without having a dream, something to look forward to, we tend to stagnate, get depressed, and live in a vacuum.

Age is simply a number. I don’t look or feel my age, either physically or mentally, and I will not let it limit the marvelous life I still have left to live. I am taking control, right now (ok, after my coffee) and I alone will be responsible for my existence. I am jumping down that rabbit hole and taking on the Jabberwocky. It took me some time to learn what is important, how to nurture my goals and realize what my dreams are, but I’m ready to seize them now. Watch out, Alice – I am confident, creative and ready to take the world by storm or coffee – whichever comes first.


Stay motivated and caffeinated!





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  1. It’s crazy how much time we spend living our lives for other people. I’m glad to hear you’re breaking free!

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