C’mon Get “App-y”


Every once in a while I decide to do some investigating on ways to make my life easier. I sometimes feel like a dinosaur in the age of smartphones, mobile apps, and Uber. So with much teeth pulling research and a little help from my smart and savvy kids, Morning Beans Blog is going to give you the three apps you need to get some control in 2018.

Let’s begin with what my college boys deem a necessity. VenmoWhen you and your brilliant kids are in different banks, this is the answer. This app keeps your financial information is encrypted, stored and protected on secure servers. This app lets you transfer moola to anyone with no hassles. On their official site, they make it clear that Venmo is for payments between friends and family, primarily people who trust each other. Not only have my kids been using this and Google Wallet to share expenses when the group goes out for pizza and movies, but it’s a great way to transfer money directly to them. Usually, the money is there the next day. Yes, mama got the hint!

This next one is making the rounds in my networking group. Trello. Although I haven’t tried it yet, it’s on my to-do list. Trello is like a giant bulletin board (or boards). It is a list of files and posts it’s (they call them cards) that you and your creative team if you have one, can all use. You open a card and can add comments or labels, upload files or checklists and more. You can invite as many people as you want for free, and everyone sees the same board at the same time. Sounds pretty impressive, right? Apparently, it works for any sized project, loads in real time, and their website lists a bevy of companies you’ll recognize who use this help with their workflow organization.

Lastly, essential for bloggers and IG maniacs, Snapseed. This Google made app is designed to supplement the standard editing software on your smartphone. It is professional, intuitive and user-friendly for pic snappers of all levels to take advantage of the editing tools. No worries if you don’t want a permanent edit either, so butterfingers, it’s alright. The app can create and save filter combos using default editing features, and it can preserve your editing history as well. Images can then be shared directly to social media platforms. How about them apples?

And speaking of apples, what about all those peeling plastic tags hanging off your key fob? One for CVS, DSW, etc. To make your load a little lighter (and your keys fit in your pocket, try Key Ring. Download the app, and it stores all your reward cards and info, so you don’t have to schlep it all around. Not only are you now organized, but it also lets you browse sales and deals for all your fave shopping pleasures online.

Need to prioritize, organize or maybe just have fun? There’s an app for that!

Last in today’s roundup, Evernote. It’s like having my friend Ilene, the professional organizer in my back pocket. Evernote keeps your work organized and helps you declutter your life. (Of course, if you’re in too deep, visit Ilene at www.ideclutteru.com or on her FB page -yeah, I can give her a little plug.) Evernote can be your new bestie. It uses an interface to organize notes and paperwork, even handwritten notes and photos, and it syncs with your computer and your smartphone. Pretty neat, right? The catch here is if you need to upload your entire messy life, there’s a small fee of $5.00/month or $45.00/year. With this payment, you’ll get offline access as well.

Now that I can organize, create an editorial calendar, shop smarter and transfer money on the go, I am ready to tackle 2018. Please feel free to share your favorite apps and hacks in the comments. I’ll be adding some in the future as I find them. This is going to be a great year!




  1. Nice. But at some point there can only be one. On an average day I read my personal and professional email accounts, check Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (just in case) and Instagram. If I have time I might even jump over to Pintrest and Tumblr, and if I really have time YouTube. In other words I need an app to keep track of all my apps.

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