Demystifying Karma

Karma and Coffee
Your morning coffee can set your Karma for the day.

We all love citing Karma as a reason for the random stuff happening in our lives. Most of us (self-included) don’t know the history or significance of this spiritual concept. Learning about Karma and how it works can be a total game-changer, peeps, so here’s what you need to know.

Karma, like coffee, can be broken down into three types.

Your current Karma (your beans du jour), accumulated Karma (the beans that make your existence in the universe complete), and your destiny (your choice of morning beans each day) are the three types of Karma – or possibilities in your life.

Let’s begin with your accumulated Karma. These are the java beans in your soul. You have not decided yet how to brew them, but you started harvesting them anyway. It’s all about possibilities and what you may or may not experience. To be blunt, we have zero control over accumulated Karma; all those delicious beans, the good, the bad, the ones that are like Switzerland (neutral) grow at their own pace. Sometimes we get to experience the heady, fragrant joy of a fantastic brew, and other times, we wait for the sour taste of those burnt beans to leave our mouths and minds.

Next, let’s look at your current Karma. This concept is probably closest to what you think you know, my lovelies. Every action has a reaction. So, if I grind those AM beans, pour some boiling H20 over them, and let it brew for about 7 minutes, I will have some kick-ass, delicious coffee to begin my day. However, like any other action, there could be consequences.

Anything you or I do with solid intention will have a consequence. That dark and lovely brew may cause wakefulness and enjoyment for me, but sleeplessness, jitters, and GERD for others. So if I have you over for coffee, consider yourself warned. One cup of mine can change your life, and Karma can still be a bitch, even with coffee. Just imagine Karma as a giant coffee plantation. You plant the beans you want to grow, and the soil is neutral. It will nourish the plants, so be cautious and decide if you are planting bitter beans(negative thoughts and actions) or yummy ones (always look for these positive ones, peeps.)

Lastly, let’s talk about destiny. Destiny is tied to your accumulated Karma. There are possibilities. You make choices (like Grande, Venti, etc.) and then, your choices lead to your destiny.  You LIVE your future. (I think my destiny is to drink a copious amount of intense, dark, and lovely coffee.)

Please take note. Karma should NOT be considered a bartering system. While your actions and outlook have an impact on your life, Karma is a subtle little vamp, she is relatively complex, like a fine, fragrant brew (maybe some Sumatra mixed with Ethiopian Yirgachaffee). Inconvenient and often disagreeable situations do not necessarily mean bad Karma. The universe is full of Karma, every element, plant, animal, etc. and together, the force of nature and Karma bring us life as we know it. The good, the bad and the sometimes ugly cup of Joe.

Coffee is good karma
Find your good Karma in the things you love.

So, let’s recap and tie this post together.

The three types of Karma all come together magically (think Jack and the coffee bean beanstalk, lol) and form your nature. Your choices create your social soul and your overall being as an entity in the cosmic universe. Karma is not only your intentions (which, by the way, you should set EVERY DAY) but also encompasses your experiences, feelings, and empathy (or lack thereof.) To sum it up, the moral of this post, and to understanding Karma, is always to try and brew the yummiest beans and live your BEST intentions.

Stay motivated and caffeinated! 🥰