Drink more water, day two of the Ten Day Challenge


Day 2

Welcome back, to day two of the 10-day challenge. We’re glad you made it. Keep up the good work.

Drink Up!

day2Water is a healthy, simple cure all. Pour yourself a glass when you need a little help controlling those sugary, starvation cravings, and you will feel so good about yourself! Also, you might feel full. Bonus!  Replacing sugary drinks with water saves calories and helps maintain or lose weight. Your challenge today:  Drink at least one more glass of plain old water today, try fruit infused. It’s yummy.

So, eight cups a day. That’s a lot of liquid, right? We’re talking about floatation as a form of transportation.  Even knowing the benefits of meeting your daily quota; increased metabolism, healthier skin, more energy, better digestion, fewer cravings, the list goes on, doesn’t make drinking it (or dealing with loo scavenger hunts) any less of a struggle. There are tons of little “secrets that the most dedicated water drinkers use to transform into a sloshy water sucking machine.

Three tips to increase water consumption:

Comfort Water:

This means plain old hot water, boiled of course, and served with lemon. Of course, you can cheat and use herbal tea. Me, I think I’m sticking to the coffee. After all, the water is big component!

A Personal Water Bottle:

Splurge. Go on, you deserve it! Treat yourself to a reusable water bottle. Something that catches your eye, or screams out your personality. No, my H2O bottle is not black with a Jolly Rodger, but complements my inner hippie. Yes, hippie chick wins with the Sigg. It keeps my water cool, is super easy to clean, and tells the world I care, even if I’m a bit weird. Which is OK, AND I am getting my water fix. If you can swing it, I hear the Yeti is incredible.

Become a Water Snob.

OK, really more of a connoisseur. Water is like wine, there are lots of varieties. Sparkling, still, flavored, infused, enhanced…the list goes on. Most bottles are two servings, and if there’s no added sugars or calories – BANG! You’ve done it!