Easy Ways to Stay or Get in Shape


“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”–Leo Buscaglia

Life is something that we all get to experience. For some of us, it’s an exciting journey filled with happiness. For others, it’s a long, twisted road with many setbacks and obstacles. Being fit has always been tough for me. Even when I was younger, insanely active by hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking, I was never thin. I longed to be like those “Skinny Minnie’s” in my class, and to avoid the stares when people questioned my fitness state. Probably doesn’t help that I’m height deprived and broad boned. The best thing I ever did for myself, was learning to value my body as it is (or as it should be when I’m in shape) for what it can do for me.

When we’re fit and healthy, not only do we love ourselves, but we can make choices that excite us and won’t be too punishing. I’m not suggesting a triathlon for the novice gym rat, but why not try something new? It is super liberating to know that you can do something that interests you. If you are fit, you’ll have more stamina, strength and energy to do something totally exhilarating. So now, my confession. I hate to exercise, and the “sports” I enjoyed in my youth are not necessarily options as an adult. However, my lovely excitable peeps, I have devised a few easy, ridiculously simple ways to stay fit (or to get there if you’re a little behind) Since my guest bloggers seem to be of the fitness minded, and it is the beginning of the year, when we tend to implement new healthy lifestyle plans, I figure this is the perfect post to add this week.

First, forgiveness. Give yourself permission to do an incredibly short workout. I used to be all or nothing, but that didn’t really pan out for me. All the healthy mags and studies say at least 30 minute a day for optimum results. Guess what – 30 minutes is enough. The bare minimum is OK as long as you remain consistent. Check out Cassey Ho or Denise Austin on YouTube – there are a few short workouts that are perfect.

Next, we all feel stress, how about using exercise for some stress relief? I have a bunch of friends who swear that Yoga keeps them grounded and semi-stress free. I hate yoga- I get bored and need to move. I’m into this Blogilates PiiT right now. It’s a combo of pilates and high intensity training. I’m sort of hooked. The good news? It’s a healthy addiction and I feel more centered and less anxious during the day. Knowing that you have this scheduled into your day can help you cope with day to day stress.

Parking. Some of us have that need to find the closest spot. Give it up and park a little further away. Generally speaking, if you have to be somewhere and parking is an issue, leave a little early. Park a 10-15 walk away from your destination. This guarantees a half hour of exercise! (See the first tip!)

Turn your chores into exercise. I know, I promote mindfulness, so this will be a bit odd, but you can multitask your daily activities. The obvious- mopping or vacuuming can turn into a dance fest. Moving repetitively is also a form of exercise and for a bonus, when you’re done with that mop, toss the dirty head and use the handle as an oblique bar. A few ab twists make for a firm tummy! Stairs- OMG – it’s a built in stair stepper – go up and down a few times and you have now exercised! One more (though by now you’re thinking of your own ideas) leg lifts and/or squats. While cooking, drying your hair, walking the dog. Be creative.

Who needs a formal set of weights?

I’m a big fan of mixing it up, but seriously I’m lazy. Having easy options for the days I’m unmotivated means I am likely to move it every day. And you will be too! Try it, I bet you’ll feel stronger in mind and body, you’ll feel more comfortable in your own skin (and probably your jeans) and you will be able to do anything you want to do!

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕