Fake It ‘Til You Make It (in 20 minutes a day)


We’ve all heard it – that we need to stop managing our time and start owning it. For a long time, even as long ago as this morning, I felt as if I was managing minute to minute. Months and years fly on by, and I have no clue where they’ve been or gone. Sitting at my computer, I could go for hours thinking it is still early morning, only to realize it’s time to leave for afternoon carpool and I haven’t accomplished a single thing.

There is nothing worse than losing control of time. Since you lovely peeps seem to like the MBB plans, I figured I’d put together a short post for you on how I keep it together to get things done. It’s the new and improved (and sometimes overwhelmed) me, and this is how I stay on track.

Don’t forget to drop me some comments on your best techniques; I will attempt to answer you all.

The whole AM Beans plan is all about Taking 5. Yes, you know I am all about the rule of five.

Let’s pour that first cup of java juice and get right down to business.

Take the first five minutes and make a list. If you want to own your day and your time, you need to control your chaos, and we ALL have chaos; see me before coffee. OK, peeps – so here it is – grab that purple pen and jot down EVERYTHING you need to do today. Not tomorrow or next week, but today. List everything no matter how small, to the big major important stuff. This should help guide you through the day, so you don’t keep getting that nagging voice in the back of your head wondering what it is you’re forgetting to deal with today. It will help you stay focused and keep the overwhelm at bay. Another cup of coffee can’t hurt either.

Next 5 minutes… (see, we are moving right along and caffeinating happily too)☕☕


Grab your journal, planner or clipboard on your device of choice. S Note counts. Create a little structure to outline your goals for the day. You have already had a brain dump, now focus on what’s important. Jot down the BIG stuff. Leave some space because we always need to plan for DISTRACTIONS. Don’t be afraid to use lines, arrows and Venn Diagrams to branch off the little tasks that arise during the day. No stress. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, because everything has just one more teeny tiny component to make it complete. I tend to use a modified bullet point system – I like arrows. ↗↘↪🔄Once I complete all the little things, the big one is usually done. So it gets crossed off – usually with a doodle. (I can’t help it) When I’m really on top of things, I put a suggested time line next to the tasks. It usually is wrong, but I feel better about my schedule.

Next – make the next 5 minutes all about your life . Keep it together by making notes. Remind yourself to eat healthily, spill out all the slush from your mind about the personal stuff that’s essential to your life TODAY. I use post-it notes all over the place to keep my life organized and on track. It’s a real game changer.

This part of getting it together although not essential to my working day helps keeps me on track. When your work/life balance is aligned, you will be so much more productive. Own your time. The morning carpool is just as important as the rest of your day. The hours you spend in the evening whiz on by if you don’t own them. Motivate yourself to keep everything on track and time will slow down for you. You get to live mindfully, and happily in the beauty of the small moments.

Last 5 minutes peeps. Keep track of the small things. Make sure to write down all the little things that are not priorities but still need to get done. Estimate how long they should take, jot that down too. Include extra time if you have to end up at Target – yeah, you know what I mean.😁 Don’t be afraid to move the little things  to tomorrow- it’s all about staying stress free and making it easier to get things done on time, in track in your perfect world.


Good things come to those who plan and stay motivated and caffeinated!☕☕

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