Find Your Unique Strengths


So I’ve been taking a career seminar and working with a coach. It’s all about self-sustenance and the fact that the kids are grown. And while I thought I knew the direction I was headed, it turns out that I was wrong. Life keeps on moving, times change, and even if I evolve, I still lack some of the newer talents of the freshly graduated youth.

Oh, I have the exuberance, the want and need and the bonus of life experience, but that’s not what its all about anymore. So life comes full circle, and I find myself prepping to return to a career chosen for me, not by me. Oh, I am good at it, no worries, but it isn’t my passion, and I will have to live with that knowledge. But it’s OK….when life hands you lemons; it’s margarita time! OK, so maybe a little too much exuberance…

So where am I headed with today’s post? It’s all about strength. We all have superior capabilities, and it’s time to get back in touch. Transitioning to a new career or re-entering the workforce can be stressful. It shouldn’t be if you are in touch with your personal, signature strengths. Don’t worry – I’m talking about the unique qualities that you possess that make you an excellent fit for your chosen role.

Let’s talk about finding and checking out those strengths. By taking a good hard look at yourself, you can boost that confidence and swagger several serious notches. You might even be able to pinpoint your next career move and why it would be beneficial to your life. Bonus points if you can use this ego boost and newfound confidence to convince that skeptical interviewer why you are the best person for that open position.

Getting to know your strengths is a no-brainer. Strengths are what give you an advantage. They are the natural capabilities inside that you are desperate to use and show off. They make you memorable. By using your talents and strengths, you become more authentic and energized. It’s how you thrive and figure out what works best for you and your life goals.

So what types of strength am I referring to folks? Not only your compassion, empathy and intuitive ways to score big at the blowout sale at your fave store. I’m talking about the things that help your career. Perhaps, like my daughter, you are a math whiz and excellent at analysis, or you love the spotlight and excel at big presentations where you can say things like “bottom line,” and “net-net.” Your skills are NOT your passions, and this is why I have to follow the circuitous path around to where I was BC. (yeah, before children)

I have been practicing mindfulness and using the clarity I find to figure out my complete package. I need to be honest about what I am good at, where I am effective and what makes me thrive and be memorable in my chosen field. Yes, I have a list. It’s a start since we all need to dig a little deeper to find the perfect blend of character and strength for that A+ career move.

I decided to take the RSWAT; it’s a quick aptitude test that helps you zero in on your strengths. Apparently (and correctly) my top 5 strengths are integrity, faith, innovation, optimism, and curiosity. My most significant weakness turns out to be problem-solving. Apparently, I need to step it up. I’m not surprised. The remaining traits are broken down, and that helps me in guiding my future. Take the quiz and get your brain in gear. Find out how to focus on yourself to be all that you can be.

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