Finding Your Purpose


“You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want.” ―Margaret Young

Most of us want to be successful, if not in monetary terms, then by our own definitions. Those of us who teach (and have side hustles) want to feel a sense of meaning, that we have done SOMETHING we can be proud of. Something that matters to others, whether they are the 8-year old’s staring fresh-faced at you through a computer monitor (thanks Coronavirus) or people we work with or admire. We are all guilty of wanting something that will live on as our legacy.So, today’s post is all about living in the moment. I know times are tough. We are all prisoners of a mad pandemic, trying to make the best out of a pretty cruddy situation. Now with the relaxed laws on lockdown, maybe we can start living again, albeit to a new societal norm.

So back to my messy thoughts. We, humans, tend to get caught up in things quickly. We are blinded by the desire to “become” something bigger and better, to reach that seemingly unattainable goal, that we are missing the little things. We are missing the people right in front of our faces (literally, thanks to Zoom, Teams, or Seesaw).

We get so focused on getting things done and crossing off our incredibly long to-do lists that we forget to enjoy the things that matter. I am, by nature, a teacher, a writer, a creative thinker. I start approaching tasks like I am preparing for that marathon race, anxious to reach the finish line, and doing all the right stuff along the way. And then, it’s time to move onto the next thing on my list to get closer to my dream. Those of you new to MBB, I am in the process of penning a poetry anthology, now I hope to complete the illustrations for the inset pages myself too. Maybe.

So what’s the big issue? Sometimes as we move closer to achieving our dreams, our passion for said dream fizzles. It becomes an obsession when writing, sometimes zoning out when I should be focusing on the more vital things in life. What important things? My kids, my family, my career (both in the classroom and on the author’s trail).

So here’s my message. Strive to be your personal best, say, 90% of the time. Cut yourself a little slack. You’ll still be an outstanding teacher, a great writer, an incredible mom, etc. Just because we all tend to reach for the higher stars, doesn’t mean we need to disconnect from feeling blissful and fulfilled today.

Live for the moment. Do what makes your heart happy.


We can all reach our goals, so keep doing those things you love. Get up and run, work out, bake cookies, sketch, paint, write, love. If you’re a teacher (we all are, whether in a classroom or not), teach from your soul. Dig deep and find that passion for bringing a little silliness, light, and love into your lessons. You WILL reach your goal, and best of all – you will feel that inner glow of satisfaction.

Do what you love TODAY, not for the money, not for fame. Do it because it makes you YOU because it makes you happy. Just do it.

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