Four Ways to Create an Awesome Life


Piece of the Life Puzzlw

Just over two months ago, I set out on a new, inspirational path to help my aspiring writer self attain some success. Not only dear readers are you a big part of my jigsaw puzzle, and I am so deeply honored when you cost, and return and leave such wonderful comments, but some of those pieces are all about me. I know too well how easy it is to forget to stop, breathe and smell the roses. I put so much on my plate that I want to do, must do, and that sometimes leaves my soul a little empty. So thank you, for coming for that cup of coffee. I hope that we are sharing ways to step back a bit, and view life from a bird’s eye view (no pun intended for those who know me and my crazy cockatiels). We all need to learn to distance ourselves from the manic daily stuff that is life. This can be difficult when we pressure ourselves to accomplish the biggest and brightest things. Let’s make sure we remember that it’s the little things that matter most. When we start building our lives around our own needs, to be proud of our accomplishments, this is what we need to remember. So in case you sometimes forget what it’s all about, (Yeah, I’m guilty), here are four ways to maintain a great attitude, and create a kick-ass life you will be proud to call your own.

My compass

1. You need to set your own life compass. Instead of pointing North, think of your compass as having positive points in the distance. It will give you plenty of obstacles, sure, but if you keep your true north at positive attitude, those little setbacks become learning opportunities. Negativity will breed a feeling of victimization and toxic anger within your soul. A black heart is never a good thing. We need to grow from our experiences, and move beyond the despair of our missteps. In general we tend to find reasons to validate our actions, and the. We look for facts to support our beliefs. You can live a bazillion different lives based on that perspective. Stop for a minute. Find that comfortable spot inside and think about how you see the world. Whatever it is you see, is always your choice. I’m choosing to see the golden road open ahead of me. There will be setbacks, rejecting and bad stuff, but the rewards and successes, well, they will always be worth it.

2. Right now, this very minute, what are you thinking about? How are you perceiving life today? And if you voiced these thoughts out load, right now,, what would that say about you? What you think, you become. I think I am an author, an artist, a mother, a wife. And I am all these and more. Furthermore, what you say, you eventually do. And I will eventually have that published novel, all in its own time. The more you tell yourself something, and the more you believe in yourself and the wonderful things you are capable of doing, the more likely you will follow through with whatever it is you want to do..Choo choo Charlie “I can’t” means you are not committed to yourself, and you will eventually stop and drop the ball. “I will” means you eventually will. So positivity, think like that little engine, and you will crest the mountain.

3. Having set goals is really important. You wouldn’t go on a road trip without a map (or GPS) – you have an idea where you’re headed. So too, you can plan the route to your life and to your own well being and success. Ben Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Where are you going?Grab a notebook and start planning. What is it that inspires you? Plan ahead for your big adventure. My plans are varied and sometimes weird but I know that eventually, or I hope and believe, that in time, I will accomplish much of my list. It’s not a bucket list per se, but more of a guiding map to where I see myself now, and where and who I want to be in the future. At some point, I will need to take some actions, but I will be able to weed out what is unessential. I may never get to Machu Picchu, but I will most likely write my opus, finish that sketch and be inspired by the longer meditations I am learning to love.

Victim of Birdshit

4.  Raise your bar, set some expectations and some boundaries. Nice guys or gals don’t always have to finish last. Don’t be afraid to say NO, it’s your time and effort and your life. Sometimes friends and family can be over needy and this becomes a toxic, vicious cycle that affects every part of your life. It affects how you feel, how you act and often makes you feel overextended and unable to function. Say NO, it’s OK. And you don’t even need to offer any explanations. Hold people accountable for their words and actions. We let ourselves be victims and allow ourselves to be walked on. It stops NOW. What you allow is what will continue. If you let people to treat you poorly, the. It kind of means that is the way YOU WANT to be treated. Grow a spine, and pull up your self-esteem by the bootstraps. Immediately. Now be mindful, find a quiet space, and let the inner peace of being free to be your true self overwhelm you. A meditation might even be nice right about now, or if you’re more actively inclined, a nice run or hike.

So get busy and start now. Why are you still here? Go on, pick a positive perspective for your world, be outspoken. Say, think and believe what you want to become, and you will. Make a plan and then reduce your toxic, negative influences, and show people what you’re made of and that you have an incredibly intrinsic (and expensive) worth. We are all gemstones waiting to be mined. So get out there and start living your kick ass, amazing, creative, mindful and wonderfully individualized life.

See you on the dark side – of the coffee, that is. ☕️😉



  1. So very true, this really puts it into perspective. It made me think for sure, so I just need to apply it now 🙂

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