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"Free your mind, the rest will follow." -En Vogue
“Free your mind, the rest will follow.” -En Vogue

En Vogue, girl band, hip hop, somewhere in the 1980’s way back jukebox, said it best, “Free your mind, the rest will follow.” It’s pretty good advice, clearing your mind on a regular basis makes a better you. And, once cleared and open to the world, with the tiniest bit of effort (I know, you’re tired, tiny is all you’ve got – that’s OK) you can steer through the pea soupy fog of life’s difficulties, and learn to see things for what they really are. And that my friends, is beautiful.

This week marked a new shift for me. Having completed and received certification in wellness coaching, I can now open my mind to the larger task at hand. Life coaching. Oh, I’m not there yet, but I will be, because I see the merit in freeing my mind from the self imposed nooses I placed there over time. So now you ask me, “Helene, why should I learn to clear my mind, is it to find some inner zen or something? “ And I will answer, my friend, with the truth that a clear head helps us to grow, and to see things in brighter and better lights.

Let’s be honest. Life is messy. One day, the sun is shining and I am all happy go lucky and positive. But the next day, I’m a nervous Nellie, and I have trouble seeing the good and, then, I get busy. I am just a worker bee, buzzing through everything, learning, writing, sharing, sometimes, blowing right by the important moments. It’s easy to feel drained, and like the flowers in my house, without water (I just forget to refill 😳) we wilt. Life can eat us up and spit us out if we don’t find some clarity and purpose.

Sweet MeAnd so, my little dandelions, (weeds don’t need water, so you’ll be OK 😉) I truly believe that, we MUST clear our minds on a daily basis. It’s that teeny tiny effort that you have to put in, but the results will be well worth it. Since I started really focusing on what’s going on in my head, usually at three AM, I am working to clear the cobwebs. We all need to learn to read our own needs, so we can see who we are, and where we need to be. And so, back to that En Vogue song…”before you can read me, you’ve got to learn how to see me.” It’s also about seeing your self. So, free your mind, read the signs, and as a result, you will find yourself growing. Expanding your horizons, brightening your outlook on life; everything, from happiness, to friendships, to your work ethic – your overall wellness will improve.

Three things you need to integrate into your life to really be the best, and most effective, happy you, are to stay open, never stop learning, and to nourish your soul.

Staying Open to New Experiences: Try new things. I have been trying to be more open to spontaneity, and it’s been a great ride. I find my self-confidence is boosted, and I feel better all around. It keeps your mind calm, as you let that adrenaline surge. Sure you might be nervous, and the butterflies are gathering around your personal vase, but honestly, it’s so good for you! It is a total cleansing release followed by a sense of accomplishment and happy.

Don’t Stop Learning. Learning new things opens up your mind and stimulates creativity. Even if it’s just some doodles in your post it pad. We grow by expanding our horizons, finding out what makes us feel good about ourselves. Maybe you’ve been thinking about taking a barre class, or just learning some new yoga moves. Me, I’m so lazy, but new meditations seem to work well. They clear my head, focus my breathing and make me feel energized. It takes little effort my friends, to find something good to grow your brain and clear the clutter. It keeps you balanced.

Anything is possible if you believe. Fairy dust optional.
Anything is possible if you believe. Fairy dust optional.

Nourish Your Soul and Body.  Stop. Reflect. Replenish. Start setting aside a few moments for yourself every day. Learn to hear what YOU need, and give it to yourself. If it’s relaxation, try a bath bomb from Lush. (OK, anything from Lush…it’s all amazing and smells like heaven. Feels good too) Think about what you need and in those moments, focus and provide.(I know, sounds like a commandment, 😇) I promise, this will help you to stay balanced and clear headed through the tough parts of your day. What do you need? Could be coffee, chocolate,some good conversation, (good gossip counts) fresh air, avocado toast, wine, candles – whatever. It makes you a nicer person in general. And the bonus, you are happy at the end of the day.

So now my lovelies, time to consider clearing that mind of yours. It really does make a happier you. We live in a beautiful world. So, ALWAYS find time for yourself? Remember you are important. Like sunflowers, (the only ones that live under my care) be sunny and cheerful. Be mindful of your own needs. It stops wilting. Stand tall on your stalk and grow (happy – that is.)
Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😘☕️



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