Getting it Right in 2018


“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” I keep hearing this in my mind, but sometimes the tiniest actions are done by others or myself, seriously influence how life plays out. Stress causes bad habits which can make or break your progress. A small freak out attack or the indulgence while you finish that last chore (and I mean indulging in a whole row of Oreos), these are the things that can mess with your mind and body and hold you back from success. It can also pile on the pounds.

For a change, since I’m not all into being a fitness and diet blogger, I am going to share some lifestyle habits that can seriously endanger your health. (And your budget – all those yummy snack foods are more expensive than you think). Late nights, work dealing with your family, living your life isn’t always easy—I get it. The key is not to worry about the big stuff but to zero in on fixing what is fixable. Let’s look at what some of you major saboteurs are and find simple ways to fight back.

First, let’s talk about being on time. This is a pet peeve. Maybe you’re one of those people who is always running a couple of minutes (or more) behind schedule. You perceive that you need less time to get it together or to arrive at a destination, and the consequence – you’re late. Perpetually. This brings on STRESS. Not a great way to start your day. All that cortisol is coursing through your body; it’s causing those headaches, high blood pressure, and even slower metabolism. Yeah, that just makes you want to eat a giant slice of something sugary, caloric and yummy. DON’T DO IT! How about this – try setting your alarm for 15-30 minutes earlier. It might take a few more tweaks, but I promise you that your day will go smoother, you’ll feel less stress, and you just might not gain those extra pounds from the donuts in the break room.

Speaking of donuts, let’s go right for the gut – snacks. We all get a little cranky midmorning, after all, woman cannot live of coffee alone, no matter what I believe. So what’s your plan? I travel with a protein bar or two and some raw nuts in my purse. Honest. If you work from home, fill a basket with good for you goodies and pick a high protein, fiber filled healthy snacks. Keep a stash at work in one of your drawers if you need to be in a cubicle. And for goodness sakes – no family size packs of Oreos. It’s dangerous on so many levels.

Next – don’t forget to drink. I know, sounds ridiculous – but I am guilty here. A lot of times when your brain is saying “FEED ME,” it’s craving water. You have become dehydrated as if you were hiking the Gobi Desert. Keep some water on hand, or tea (apparently coffee doesn’t count with nutritionists – perhaps I have a new quest to pursue?) to drink throughout the day. If you don’t like water, try some of the fruity flavored ones- just watch the sugar counts. That makes you thirstier and adds unwanted calories to your life.

Night owls- you are in trouble. Research shows that all of us binge-watching Netflix and playing Candy Crush in the wee hours of the night are doomed. When we are sleep deprived (even if insomnia is legit) our bodies start whining and craving bad things. We respond positively to junk food and seem to forget anything we have ever learned about portion control. Listen up peeps – we have to fight this cycle or be unfit and fat and stressed out. I say NAY – time for an apple and a bottle of H2O.

So now, I must practice what I preach. Mindful moments to stay focused and keep that stress away. Deep breaths and healthy choices to stop the sugar obsessions – oh wait- that’s the doorbell. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season – I guess I can cheat a little today.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!