Give me 30 and Take on the World!

Can you get ready in just 30 minutes? Absolutely!

I know, everyone is posting about the new year, a new routine and a new you. I’m not saying that the Morning Beans Blog way is better, but it’s definitely an option you should consider. Chew on this – time management experts (of which I am not, but am learning to become) agree that to have a successful day, your morning launch needs to be set. Your AM routine sets the tone for your day, so if you’re all over the place, unorganized and out the door without your coffee and car keys, this just might be the post you’re looking for my dears.

I need a life. OK, I have one, but if I don’t follow routine, I’m a disaster, and I spend all day picking up the pieces. So what if, my lovely peeps, I told you that I can have you up, dressed and out the door in 30 minutes? And if you wake up earlier, BONUS! more free time for you! Of course, you do need to have in mind your weather and wardrobe the night before, or plan it in the shower. Got to be on your toes and punctilious. (Isn’t that a great word? I just want to keep saying it over and over) Luckily, I live south of the border, so jeans and t shirt pretty much have me covered year round. Ah, the perks of the writer’s life and working from home. For now. Once I finish those courses and begin coaching, well, I probably need to pull out the “professional wardrobe.”

Alright, let’s break this down. Keep an eye on the times folks. I promised 30 minutes, and that’s what you’ll get. I’m counting from the minute you get out of bed and visit the loo. You may need to add or subtract time – that’s a little personal, and yeah- please keep that to yourself.

Okie dokie, here we go:

First task: Brush your teeth (2 minutes) While you were sleeping last night, little demonic bacteria in your mouth were raging to cause some damage. Take two minutes to brush your teeth – I recommend a power toothbrush- the vibrating bristles make it faster, cleaner, better. Water Pik – heck- you’re tops! So tooth brushing – taking care of those pearly whites will ensure that you start your day fresh and ready to rock it with a killer smile!

Next: Drink some water (1 minute) A bazillion studies have shown that it is super important to hydrate in the morning. Just guzzle a glass of H2O after the tooth brushing. Your body will thank you. Promise.

Number three: Meditate (5 minutes) I’m hoping to get this down to 3 minutes, but 5 is alright. It takes a minute just to relax enough and breathe, This little interlude of peace makes a HUGE difference. I sit “criss cross applesauce” style on my bed in the pre-dawn light (yeah, I’m up before the sun) but you can sit wherever you like. Use an app, YouTube or just sit and contemplate the quiet peacefulness of the not yet crazy day. Inner harmony and a clear head will follow. (I know, I lived through Flower Power)

Just a few minutes can really shift your outlook for the day.

Fourth step: Exercise (10 minutes) You need to “move it move it.” Exercise is a great way to energize, and 10 minutes in the morning is definitely doable. Find a quick video, you can look at or YouTube, or do your favorite floor exercise, planks, or push ups, or just dance around for 10 minutes. You will feel awesome, and sweaty.

Next, pretend you’re a cat: Stretch (2 minutes) Now that you had a quick workout and those endorphins, the happy hormones are zipping through your body, take two minutes to stretch your muscles. This helps gain flexibility, in your body and in your mind. Bonus, you can do it while you’re warming up the water for the next step.

Number six: Shower (7 minutes) You can do this. I can do it in 6, but I’m well practiced by now. This is for cleanliness, the relaxing, ease your mind, I’ve had a rough day shower or bath comes later, when you don’t have to face a busy, overloaded day. Lather, rinse and get out.

Scented soap, or shower gel- however you shower, do it fast!

Lucky sevens: Get Dressed (3 minutes) This entails putting on your clothing, which you already prepared or figured out while bathing. You can do it! – easy peasy.

And there you have it folks. The basic 30-minute morning survival plan. Now, you can take time for that cup of coffee, your e-mails, makeup (which shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes anyway) Don’t forget to grab your keys on the way out, and smile. You’re on candid camera (ha ha…not really, but how funny would that be?)


Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕