Give me Ten, day five of the Ten Day Challenge


Get Real – Day 5

 OK, you’ve had breakfast, now let’s get a little personal. I mean, it’s why you’re here, right? Let’s talk about getting fit. I know, a dirty word, exercise. Wait! Come back…yes, that’s right.

day5How many times have you (or a friend) set a humongous goal for weight loss? I am talking a BIG number. The first week, all goes to plan, but then, you get tired. Bored. Unmotivated, you convince yourself that the walk from the house to the driveway is cardio. The best intentions will not help you if you don’t have a plan. Let’s make one today! 10 minutes. Period. That’s what I am asking for, but please, feel free to up your game when you are ready.

Challenge #5:

Be active for 10 minutes every day. While this goal isn’t specific about an activity, it is specific and realistic with a true timeline. 24 hours. Give me (and yourself) 10 minutes; whether it’s a walk after work, some sit-ups over lunch, or a session at the gym, it’s doable. Let me emphasize that 10 minutes is just a minimum. Over time, this challenge could progress to 15, 20 and even 30 minutes.

Tips for reaching your fitness goals:

Write it Down. If you can see it, and I mean pinned to your mirror or fridge, it becomes real. Scary, but real.

Make sure your goal is attainable within two weeks. So, losing 50 pounds by next Tuesday might not be the goal you’re aiming for. Keep it small. Celebrate often (but not with food.)

What will it take to meet your goal? Be realistic how much time you have to devote to your goal. Be honest about your fitness level. I am sort of a slug. As a general rule, never increase your minutes exercised by more than 10 percent per week. Slow and steady tortoise really does beat the hare! It will build a lifelong positive habit, which is after all the ultimate goal.

See yourself reaching your goal. Visualize. Be totally honest with yourself. Can you realistically see yourself doing what it takes to achieve your goal? If you can, then GO FOR IT!

Hooray -Halfway!

And hearty congratulations to you! You’ve made it halfway through the Realistic Resolution Challenge!

  • Leave a comment to let us all know how you’re doing.
  • What positive changes have you made so far?
  • Are you proud of yourself?
  • I’m proud of you! Keep up the great work!

Stay Motivated and caffeinated!