Goodbye 2016: An Open Letter

Take time to reflect on the year, both old and new. Save the memories in your most treasured album of the mind.

Be brave my lovelies. Let’s take a good look at the past year; the good, the bad and the OMG I can’t believe I did that! Let’s look at all the amazing, good things you did, and also at the crappy stuff too. You lived. You got hurt by some people, and in turn, you hurt others. Did you put yourself out there? Or should you have been more aggressive, but you were just scared of rejection, whether seeking a career, friendship or other relationship.

Let’s take a few moments to think about the thrilling, amazing feelings you had when you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried new things. Also, remember the self- hatred you imposed upon yourself for not getting out there and trying your best, or attempting change and new, exciting paths.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.” -T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets”

Be kind to yourself. Forgive yourself for the blunders and mistakes, and learn from them. Give them meaning. Make them part of your story, and forge ahead wiser and braver. Acknowledge that you did stupid, selfish things, that you may have been cowardly, and try not to do them again. Grow from those errors in judgment. Be a better, more empathetic person because of your experiences.

Think about the times you stood back when someone needed your help. Promise yourself you’ll be different this time around. Let’s begin the new year with a clear vision and a kind, open heart. Try looking for ways that you can make someone else’s life a little better. You’ll make your life more meaningful, and better as well. Do not forget that a small act of kindness on your end can mean much more to someone than you realize.

Think my friends, of how you were privileged this year. If you feel uncomfortable, that’s usually a sign that you’re aware of how much easier your life can be in comparison to others. Be grateful for friends and family, and all the little things. It’s more than some have, and you are lucky. Be proud of your accomplishments and hard work, but don’t neglect those who helped along the way. Find a way to give back some of that help and support to people who are not as fortunate as you.

Think about all the times last year that you let something small affect you so deeply, even though you knew it really had nothing to do with you. Next time someone bumps into you, or offends you, or cuts you off in line at the market – let it go. I promise, they did not wake up thinking about ways to make your day miserable, so let go of the chip on your shoulder. They’ve already forgotten about you, so forget about them.

Think about when you neglected to listen to your gut, and how wrong that felt. Get a grip and realize that that even when you don’t like what your gut is saying, it’s usually right. Trust that you’ve been through enough garbage in your life to know that your intuition is now as sharp as a tack.

Remind yourself of all the things you were convinced would bring you happiness but didn’t. Remember how quickly you moved on to the next thing. Maybe that next thing didn’t make you happy either. Remember all the times last year that you felt uncomfortable or out of sorts. Acknowledge that those times you were growing and learning. Life should have plenty of moments filled with joy and happiness. Don’t confuse easy with happy. Nothing too easy is worth it. The moments you felt unsettled usually involved you working towards becoming a better person. And you did.

So, let’s take a minute to say goodbye to 2016. Keep valuing hope, gratitude, excitement, and wonder. But let this year leave with self-awareness and mindfulness.  Be aware of what you need to move forward into the future.

It’s okay to be afraid and overwhelmed. Life is constantly moving, changing, evolving – and so are you. Don’t stand in the corner paralyzed. Life has great things waiting for you just down the path. Breathe, and follow the adventure waiting for you.

Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😉 ☕






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  1. definitely need to stay caffeinated! I am looking at this new year with hope, the end of 2016 was filled with rough news and disappointment. Thank you for the reminder that the future hold hope! #bloggingboost #bloggingboosters.

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