How Quarantine Changed How I Think About My Goals

Do you need some clarity? Time to reset your 2020 vision.

Hey there peeps! I hope you all had a good week and are recharged for this one! Doesn’t it seem like New Year’s and all those plans you were thinking of was about a zillion moons ago? All the dreams, the wants, the little tweaks for 2020…So much has changed, and then again, not really. What do I mean? Read on my lovely little sofa slugs.

Every year, the last weekend in December, I start penning my thoughts in an old, comfortable journal. I make a list of all those things that I want. You know, goals. The things I want to accomplish, the things I NEED, and the things that I hope are going to change in my life, whether by happy accident, hard work, or some magical faerie force.

So, here we are, nearly halfway through the year, and everything has changed. Or has it? I still WANT so many of the things on my list.

  • I want to travel more (even if it’s local and to the beach)
  • I want to read more (if that’s humanly possible) for pleasure.
  • I want to keep learning to keep my teaching fresh and lively, and en pointe. (Yeah, in my other hustle, I pay the bills as a teacher for those of you just joining MBB on its strange journey.)
  • I want more birds 🦜(OK, this is not going to happen, but I can want, right?)
  • I want (and need) a peaceful coexistence with everything—nature, my family, my colleagues, my pets, etc.
  • I want more family time. I want to enjoy every moment before the kids grow up and begin their journeys.
  • I’m loving that my extended family and I are ZOOMing every Sunday and playing Kahoot trivia games.💻 (I must beat my little ‘cuz. We are just a tad bit competitive folks)
  • I want a horse (and a farm in Montana to breed Arabians with some good eye candy ranch hands) –NOT going to happen in this lifetime, but a girl can dream.🤩

Stop laughing – I can hear you!

  • I DO want to start riding again after this whole Covid-19 mess is over.
  • I am going to ride my bike – when the temp cools in the evening. (hahaha- I’m still laughing, and my Schwinn is still taunting me 🚴‍♀️– but I do want to get this going )
  • I want to keep working on my anthology 📕– don’t worry – you’ll all be the first to know when I finish.
  • I want to be loved. (Don’t we all?)🥰

Now, I have to look at what I accomplished. Some of the things on that list have changed, while others have been reaffirmed. In a way, being a Quarantine Queen has helped me take stock of the essential things.

ingredients for baking
Cooking and baking with my daughter usually ends up yielding lots of laughs and a messy sink.
  • I have been trying to spend more time with my family. The kids and I have started cooking together, and nobody’s burnt the kitchen down yet. 😉
  • I’m giving myself a little downtime and trying to slow down just a little. Time to stop and smell the flowers. (not just the roses)

    This dog can make even the laziest human walk a couple of miles…what an inspiration!
  • I’m taking long walks with my bestie (yeah, yeah, I know it’s the dog) every night. A little exercise with the bonus of a great companion.
  • I’m trying to be more purposeful about everything that I do. From lesson plans to classes, to reading, writing and even walking and chatting with friends.

    pile of shoes
    Just a few from the closet…Too much of a good thing? Nah…
  • I’m slowly decluttering – and realizing that more stuff just clutters my house and my mind. Everything except, of course, for my converse and DMs. Of those, too much is never enough. (yes, I know- sentence fragment – but just go with it today my lovelies 🌻)
  • While decluttering, I found my charcoals, willow, and sketch pad. I am now genuinely content in dusty, black-fingered, smudged, and happy heaven.
  • Speaking of the mind, I am more mindful of who I spend time with because now, time is a commodity—the only one we have constant access to during this pandemic.

My sweet petunia peeps, now is the time to remember that the little things are really the BIG things. All those things we take for granted can now get our full, undivided attention as the world spins out of control (thank you again, Coronavirus).

So the bottom line is that we can still make this a fantastic year full of happiness and contentment. Rejoice in the little things: family, health, some good, strong coffee, a nice Syrah, and some good quality chocolate (think Lake Champlain or Godiva). Yes, 2020 is turning out to be harder on us all because of the pandemic. It isn’t easy to be home with those we love 24/7 for weeks on end. (Cue that image of the frustrated mom with heaping piles of laundry and empty pantry shelves) But on the bright side, there are about eight months left to the year. Use your most vibrant, hidden heart to fuel your days and nights. Don’t let this virus shrink your visions and dreams for today and the future.


Stay motivated and caffeinated! coffee cup