How to Be Confident

Be intentional, competent and confident.

This has been a rough week. The rejections, the lack of affirmation and a little self-imposed social isolation have taken their toll. But, since I must practice what I preach, I am here, typing away, ready to share something special with you lovely peeps. Just how hard is it to stay positive, confident and connected? Not as difficult as you may believe. I spent the night thinking about it, and thinking about a recent webinar I attended, and I think today, I will share with you a few simple ways to keep your chin up in the face of adversity.

Let’s get right into it folks…it’s all about intention. You must decide to be confident, it’s that easy. Scary, but easy nonetheless. Just look in the mirror, and say out loud, “Today, I am going to be confident.” Easy peasy. The power behind intention is incredible. As a human being, you can direct your emotions, choose how you are going to be and feel. And today, you are going to be confident. Don’t make it complicated, don’t overthink it, just wake up, look yourself in the eye, and decide. Hold that head up high, and be invincible!

Just to clarify peeps, confidence is about being who you are, and chasing your own dreams. It’s about believing that you can. When you believe in yourself, and show your true, authentic colors to the world, you are exuding confidence. Nobody has to give you permission – you decided, and that’s that. Period.

Along with your new decision to be your true self, comes integrity. By aligning your beliefs, values and dreams, well folks, that gives you confidence. By being consistent and true to the best of who we are (or who we believe we are,) we forge our identity. Knowing who you are and where you’re headed on your road to chasing your dreams brings with it – yup, confidence.

Now that we are confident in the bathroom, let’s move it out into the world. To do this, you must have some momentum. Without intention and momentum, you stagnate. You can feel lost, depressed, confused, and it hinders you on your journey. To keep that connection to your newfound self, you must take some actionable steps to develop real confidence. Ask yourself what you REALLY want, and then get moving. Be consistent, draw up a plan and get moving. Disciplined action will lead you to your destiny, nothing magical about it peeps. Stop waiting for the perfect time, the perfect person, the perfect storm – get out there and start moving! All that waiting lowers your confidence. Ask yourself how you can begin on the path to what you want, where you want to be. It’s OK to not know the whole trajectory, just start taking those first baby steps. Move toward your dreams and vision.

Shakespeare knew that behind the mask is our true and authentic selves. Show yourself!

Last, I want to remind you that competency is crucial to your chosen path of confidence. Psychologists refer to it as the “confidence-competence loop.” As you become more competent at doing something – anything that is part of who you are or want to be, your levels of confidence start to spike. Think about when you learned how to ride a bike. At first, you were nervous, you fell, skinned a knee, etc. But as you practiced, it became second nature, and you gained a valuable skill. Now, when you see that “two-wheeled behemoth” in the garage, you are confident that you can ride it anywhere you need to go.

New situations are always scary, and it’s alright to be unsure and uncomfortable. Stumble along because it’s a learning curve, and you will develop your skill. You’ll get comfortable and say to yourself, “I am pretty confident about my ability here.” Did you change? Nope, just your level of competency and therefore your confidence levels have risen.

Summing up my lovelies, I have a long road ahead. I know the perfect career is out there, and that it will involve my writing ability – somehow. For now, I am deciding to be confident, calling my own shots; I’m getting out and living life. As I do I am building integrity, momentum and meeting some good people. One of them may be key to my future. So I am taking action, and using my newfound confidence to forge ahead and make my authentic self proud.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉