How to Find Joy in Your Every Day Life


As I pen this title, I am thinking to myself, “is there any other “life” than “every-day life?” We are always looking for something more, something different, something better. We spend a lot of time waiting for that epiphany, the golden road to happiness and success. How many of us, be honest peeps, spend our time thinking, “I’ll be happier when [fill in the blank] happens.” The better job, relationship, financial security – they’re all just blips and excuses on our radars to ignore the happy that we can have RIGHT NOW. So, stop waiting, and let’s look at how you can infuse some joy into your life. Today.

  • Gratitude: This is the quickest life changer I know. Don’t think and list all the things you want to feel grateful for; it’s really all about feeling it. By choosing to practice gratitude, you can change the way your adorable brain works. That’s right peeps, change. As the neural pathways in your brain are stimulated by those through feelings of gratitude, they become stronger. So, by practicing gratitude you are training your brain to see constructive themes in your life. Start with a gratitude journal or jar, and write down three things you feel grateful for, every morning. Repeats are OK. That means you’re doing something right.
  • Be Present. Admit it, most of us, myself included, spend yonks (yes, I made that up) of our time worrying about our future, or thinking of the regrets of our past decisions. STOP. Right here, right now, THIS moment will never repeat itself. You can’t return to “now”, it will always be here, in the present moment. And yes folks, this is mindfulness. Do your best to be 100% present when drinking that morning joe, spending time with your family or when you’re relaxing with that favorite book or movie. Regular days can be extraordinary. There’s just something magical about being present and living in the moment; your mind is free from judgement and worry in every single thought. Stop stressing- all we have is NOW, so rejoice and live it to the extreme.
  • Eliminate the Negativity. You know who they are. The friends who gossip, complain, nag and spread negative vibes. Though we are all guilty from time to time, some people are just better at it as a regular habit. Be kind to yourself, and ditch these negative Nancy’s. I cannot stand being around people who complain all the time, and that sometimes includes myself. I literally feel my energy waning- lethargy and anger filling my soul. Not a happy, joyful feeling. It bothers me. It doesn’t feel good, so I try to shift my focus to something positive. This may or may not necessitate a coffee. Remember, your life is your story, be brutal and edit it often. Don’t feel guilty about cutting someone out of your life if they are a negative influence. It won’t always be simple, cut and dried. Trust me, I know. Make an effort to surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, who smile and laugh often, and look for the good in others.
  • Learn to Let Go. There will always be things in our lives that are out of our control. (I know, it makes me crazy too) Bad things happen, but they usually bring a lesson or some karma along with them. Learn from them, and then let go. Worrying about past mistakes, regrets, etc. is a total time waste and positive energy leech. Rid yourself of the bloodsucking, limiting thoughts. Practice forgiveness and move on. Be joyful.
  • Grab Some ME Time. Self-care peeps. Nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little self-loving care every day. Just a little joyful pampering: try a facial mask, meditation, a quick walk by the lake… you get the idea. And if all else fails, coffee. It’s a mood lifting smile in a mug.
  • Learn Something New. It is NEVER too late to learn. Take a class locally or online, try your hand at a new craft, or check out that new class at the gym. Be a lifelong learner. You may find a hidden talent or passion that brings you joy. Learn to follow your own bliss – every day. If you aren’t there yet, that’s OK, keep looking. You’ll find that new class or talent when you least expect it.

Listen to your mind, your thoughts. Be present and feel your heart, your breath. We all spend a major part of life taking care of others, for a moment, be still, and take care of you. Try to clear your mind, the to-do lists will still be there. Take a breather and listen to the world. Hear the happiness in the birdsong, the wind, the laughter of children. Be still and mindful. Pay attention to what you are focused on, what you think about and what you talk about. The most ordinary days can end up being the happiest days.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕