How to Handle Holiday Stress


It’s Here!🎁

Yes, folks, tonight is the first night of Chanukah, and for those celebrating with the big red elf, 🎅🏻that’s just 12 days away! 📅

Have you mailed the cards, wrapped the gifts, checked your list and bought 15 pounds of potatoes and stock in the local donut shop? Not yet? Well, rest easy peeps. Morning Beans Blog has a few simple strategies to help you cope with holiday stress. As for the erratic family members, well, you’re on your own. Learn to laugh it off or just zone out and meditate on a moon pie.🌙 (Yes, those are yummy, fattening, and do they still even make them?)

Let’s start with that gift list.🎁 Holiday shopping is not all fun and games. People grabbing, children pushing and the tears in the aisles (sing this to the tune of Silver Bells – it sounds better) can all add to the stress of shopping, last minute or not. To minimize all the stress, shop online. But, if you need to feel the crush of overheated bodies struggling to attain the last PS4, Switch or Prada bag…learn to minimize your list and your life. First – know thy budget. Being armed with such info keeps you focused and on task. What task? Why your very detailed (and hopefully short) list. Shop mindfully, and with purpose. If you succeed and pass GO without ending up pulling a random Chance card, reward yourself with one of those frothy latte thingys at Starbucks. (For the die-hards like me, upstairs at Nordstrom’s they make a killer French Press).

While we’re on the topic of mindful and coffee☕ – let’s talk about those holiday treats. For those of you who have never had a true Sufganiyah, the Israeli answer to the jelly donut🍩 (available in gourmet flavors these days – try the Dulce de Leche) wow- it makes your favorite donut shop seem very weak. And the latkes- potatoes fried in oil, served with applesauce, sour cream and calories. As to the fruitcakes – let’s just float that there, OK? So the message here is to plan your meals strategically. I’m not about deprivation, but some veggies and protein cannot hurt you. 🥗 I promise. You’ll need the nutrient dense foods to keep your energy levels up after your sugar crash and burn.

Thirdly – you need to stick to your routines. If you’re a gym rat or a sofa slug, I’m begging you to do some kind of movement. DO NOT forsake thy workout, whether it’s painful Blogilates (I told you, I’m really out of shape) or a walk around the ‘hood with your best pup (more my speed for now). Please note: getting up and down off the sofa to walk to the kitchen and binge on holiday cookies and treats does not count. Get that heart rate up (and not by opening the credit card bill) by keeping to your workout schedule. Even if it’s brief – shorter than average- it counts. You and your bum with thank me later.

Last, but never least, know when to say NO! Holiday parties, happy hours from work – the invites keep stacking up on your fridge. (Yes, I have a magnet issue) You do not need to be the guest of honor at every party this season. It can be overwhelming, so pick and choose. It’s alright to pass on a few and take some time for yourself. A little R&R is good for the body and the soul, and that is the best gift of all.💝

And so my lovelies, it’s time for me to start my holiday planning. Apparently, I forgot to read today’s post. Happy holidays to all.

Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😉☕