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Some mornings you know will never get off the ground. The coffee pot breaks, the kids are screaming and the car won’t start. We’ve all been there. We have all melted down, but science has proven several theories on how to push these horror show mornings aside, and start happy.

You’ve heard the saying “I woke up on the wrong side of the bed,” correct? Well it turns out this may have some truth in it. Turkish researchers did a study alongside a sleep institute, and found that left side sleepers do not fare as well as their right side counterparts. For those of you who are tummy tunnelers or flat on your back wheezers and snufflers, this is not for you. Though it might pay to take notes. In the research control, multiple positions were studied. X Ray data showed that those sleeping in the left side had unnecessary pressure being placed on the spleen and the stomach. The discomfort was not highly noted.  However, these late night lefties experienced more nightmares and interrupted sleep. The study of the other control group revealed better rested, happier individuals. They claimed to have more peaceful, mellow dreams. Nightmarish fiends beware- this chick will be rolling to the right. Refreshed and positive with the 5 a.m. wake up? Count me in!

Outdoor beansSo, now you’re awake. You’ve made it to the calm, clear morning, and you’re ready for some movement. Exercise. If you’re going for cardio, get outside! We all know cardio is important and exercise is beneficial to our overall health. Here’s a little juicy factoid I bet you didn’t know…even 5-10 minutes of exercise (even walking and yoga) when performed outdoors in nature, is a total mood enhancer. Those happy hormones kick in and you can’t help smiling, even at yourself. I can honestly vouch for this. I walk every day. Mostly because I hate the gym and I’m lazy, but I need to keep moving. I tend to walk in the early morning hours or the late evening, when it’s quiet outside and I can hear the birds and feel the breeze. Yes, I know, you’re thinking I live in Florida, there is no breeze, but you’d be wrong friend. I find these times conducive to leisurely walks to soothe and calm my beat up soul. Sometimes I take psycho dog with me. When the house starts to feel crowded with screeching birds, barking dog and the tension of teens threatens my sanity, I slip out for a stroll. Nerves relax, lungs open,  air in, angst exhaled. I feel happy; and I recommend this to you dear reader. It’s a no cost quickie self esteem booster.

So, now you’re  feeling happy and you skip off to the coffee shop.☕️ Fantastic! Sit down and strike up a conversation. Talk to someone, anyone. Talk is cheap

The more time you spend face to face in the company of others, the happier you become. Now this does not negate phone or Skype conversations. But the more social you are, the better off you’ll be. In the journal  of Psychological Science*, they documented the differences between shallow, happy go lucky meetings, and the merit of small talk versus profound social interactions. These would be the in depth conversations full of personal reflection and disclosure. Well being was assessed using existing scientific indexes and questionnaires, as well as by a special monitoring device. 79 undergraduates were given a device called an EAR (Electronic Activated Recorder). They wore these for four days, and every 12.5 minutes, a 30 second sound byte was recorded. Social=Happy

The researchers were able to compile data in when people were alone or speaking with others. The final result? Happier people spend less time alone and more time chatting and socializing.

Another way to have a happy day, is to be a little nostalgic. When you sit and recall happy memories, it not only alters your present mood,(you’ll know because you will be cracking that silly grin – the one that has folk wondering) but it also makes you feel hopeful and positive. Rainy day funPositive people are successful people. It’s the difference between moping about like Eeyore or bouncing around like Tigger. Truthfully, I’d rather be a Tigger- a bouncy, flouncy, wonderfully happy soul, mindful of naught but staying happy and cheering others.

Last but not least buy yourself flowers. I have been doing this for years. I am an admitted sunflower nut, so if there’s a cheerful vase of sunshine visible while I am sucking down my morning beans (ground,, roasted and French pressed of course) – well, I am less anxious about my impending day of anxiety. (I know you all know what I’m talking about!) Flowers, since olden times, have come to have deeper meanings. Planting bushes with roots meant you could settle in and grow, blooms on your hibiscus bush signal new flowers and promise. For me, the sunflowers are a promise of happy, sunny and hopefully calm day.

Nothing too profound here my friends, but a few simple ways to inspire your day. If you need someone for that chat or cup of coffee, well then, I’m your girl! So stretch your legs, have a think on the lawn in the Lotus position or just call an old friend. Be happy. Be kind. Be caffeinated.

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