How to Live Authentically

To live an authentic life, you must be true to you.

It’s all about being real. True to you my lovelies. Sometimes we veer off-road, and end up on a slow and painful path to rock bottom. We lose sight of who we are, and what we want, and where we were headed. So, we take advice. We lose our way and wander aimlessly in the world. We ruminate – who am I, why am I here, what do I want? We lose all sense of meaning and purpose, and will listen to almost anybody to try and recover our self. Guess what – it doesn’t work.

It’s time to end that unreal, fake life that you have created and start living your authentic, true life. Let go of what is unfulfilling and find out what it is that makes your soul sing. Work towards that passion every day. And yes, practicing what I preach here folks, I write. I bleed poetry and prose in the wee hours between sanity and dawn. Guess what, I feel happier. I find time to be with people I like, who make me laugh and feel good about myself. My true self. Key fact my lovelies, is that no matter how low you feel you are, there is a higher point close by. You can start over. This is not the end, but a fresh beginning.

It is up to you to set goals and rewrite your story. Don’t let the past hold back your future.

1.     Rewrite your past. Seriously. To let go of the past and all its hurt, you must be mindful and bring yourself to the present. Today. Tell yourself a new story, because living in the past steals your tomorrows. Maybe your past was excruciating and hurtful, maybe it just seemed that way. Perhaps you remember the past in a more favorable light than it deserves. Well, time for the retelling of the story of you. Make your story about growth and learning from the past, good or bad. Focus on anything good that came from your past.

2.     Know your “why.” As you build this new, authentic life, be very clear about your reason for being. Why are you here? Yes peeps, a little philosophy. Try and decipher what your purpose is on the big blue planet. Good news! Your past will have the germinating seeds of purpose. Bad news – you need to water, weed and maintain them to figure out our life. Once you discover your purpose, you need to start living it.

3.     Create a vision for your new, authentic life. OK, life until now hasn’t gone quite the way you planned. Pain, heartbreak, fear, dead ends – start over. Let go and begin fresh. Not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. Visualize your dream future. Imagine the life you want (don’t go all materialistic on me here peeps) and think about how it would feel to be living that life. Write it, sketch it, plan it; once you see the road ahead, you’ll have ideas on how to get there.

4.     Work from the inside out. Happiness and success are an inside game. We tend to spend the majority of our lives seeking happiness and success from external sources. Switch gears peeps. Create a little time for you – for creative, personal growth and cultivate love. Love your whole self. It’s OK to breathe. It’s OK to learn to say NO. Learn to center yourself – try meditation, yoga, biking – whatever. Build your new, authentic life around what is important to you.

5.     Challenge your beliefs. Shake it up right here, right now. Get unstuck. Old beliefs are like an anchor wrapped around your neck. Since you don’t relish drowning, take a look at your opinions, and attitudes about every aspect of your life. You can’t change until you recognize your internal repetition of those tired old beliefs. You need emotional freedom – try journaling or affirmations to let new ideas and beliefs take root.

The future is yours to create.

Summing up, you need to start taking action towards the things you want most out of your life. Your dreams, hopes, desires… create a vision board of your goals to help you get closer to your dream life. Make sure the things you do bring meaning and happiness to your life. If it doesn’t feel good or right, it probably isn’t. To live authentically my friends, live the life you want – every day.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕