How to Make Meditation Work For You

It's all about focus. Breathe, visualize, relax and be powerful.

It’s all about focus. Breathe, visualize, relax and be powerful.

It’s been a hectic week. The holidays have come and brought family, friends and a lot of stress. So, I meditate. In this series, I want to clarify, to break it down, so you – my lovely peeps – really understand what it is to meditate. It’s not just about some hippie chick sitting on a yoga mat, bent into a pretzel chanting Ohm. I find that there is a lot of confusion about the whole thing. What meditation is and how it works are a mystery to most, so Morning Beans will educate you, teach you, and relax you.

First, let’s get one thing straight. Meditation is all a balancing act. It’s about figuring out where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there. Zen. Meditation is all about focusing on feeling. Feeling the love, comfort, passion – whatever your need is at the time you are meditating. I usually need to let go so I can sleep. So I focus on things that relax me; feelings of peacefulness that I feel from different sources throughout my life. It is NOT easy, and meditation can be quite intense. Do not kid yourself, folks, and do not operate heavy machinery soon after a good relaxing session. (LOL)

Meditation is about an internal focus. We close our eyes, focus on a pinpoint and a feeling until we are transported, so to speak, to focus deep within ourselves. All external distractions melt away, and often, if meditating correctly, you can feel as if you’re in your own plane of existence. It’s wild but really cool. I’ve only managed a few precious minutes of this “float” as I like to call it…much like that feeling when you lay flat out in the sun for a bit too long and you’re relaxed and feel as if you’re tipping backwards.

For many of us, we focus on the external world. We are all about work, success, friends, carpools, playdates and grocery lists. All good, but we miss out on what is happening to us internally, good or bad. Meditation helps us to turn inwards and assess our inner selves. We can emphasize the positive things in our lives that make us feel good and powerful. Consistent meditation creates a balance between your internal and external life experiences. It expands our awareness of the world and helps us to be mindful and present in our every day lives.

So what is the best way to meditate, especially if you’re new to this whole practice? It really doesn’t matter as long as you are focused and intentional about the process. Try a few different types, and practice the one that resonates with you. I would suggest mindfulness meditation, transcendental, guided visual meditations, mantra meditations (the ohms have it here) or create a mix that works for YOU. I prefer mindfulness meditation and guided ones when I am honestly in need of a little help finding my center of balance.

Tips for Meditating (for beginners or experts)

1.    Meditate on a regular basis – like every day. Commitment is uber important.

2.    Know that 15 minutes is long enough. Work up to it -I’m currently at 6 minutes.

3.    Choose a time of day that you can guarantee to be left alone. Disturbances are not good for being Zen. I’m up way too early, so that’s my quiet time and my meditation time. Think about your unique bio-rhythm and work with it. (That’s your internal clock peeps)

4.    Create a peaceful space to meditate. Try and use it only for meditation, so it gains a relaxed and peaceful vibe. (Yeah, Hippie Chick talk, but truth)

5.    Try and meditate at the same time every day, even if you can only get three minutes of Zen. It helps.

6.    Balancing exercises. Take little balance breaks during the day. Just close your eyes ad reconnect to the positive energy you created when you last meditated. It’s all about the calm breathing and quiet introspection. Think positive thoughts. Breathe deeply.


Meditation creates and generates power from deep within your being. This affects your world and how you function in your world. Be mindful, be positive and watch the magic happen.

Stay motivated, mindful and caffeinated!😊☕






  1. Worth reading!

    I have recently started meditation. I am not aware of mindfulness meditation, transcendental, guided visual meditations, mantra meditations, moreover, I do not know how to do properly. If you can give me a guideline, it will be very helpful

    Overall it is a very nice post. I liked it.

    Thank you.

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