How to Navigate Through Life

Navigate your life like a true adventurer!

Let’s take a little quiz, shall we lovelies? Score one point for each time you have:

  • Screamed at your laptop/TV remote/ Cell phone
  • Felt white hot anger pulsing just below the surface
  • Felt overwhelmed
  • Buried your head under your arms and felt threatened (by time, life, or otherwise)
  • Lost it on the scale
  • Got angry about politics
  • Wondered “Is this life or a reality show?

If you scored more than two points, hooray! You are part of the new traumatized majority of humankind. Shall I offer up congratulatory drinks? (coffee, of course.) Stay on for the bumpy ride called life. We all need to find a way to balance all of our rage, fear, sadness and hopelessness with laughter, peacefulness, and excitement. Read on for a few thoughts on how you can accomplish this tremendous feat in the twenty-first century.

First, let’s talk about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. At the bottom of the pyramid, are the essential needs: sleep, food, water and shelter. Check these basics every day, it’s what keeps your body fueled and rested and fully functional. Make sleep a priority. (Insomniacs – you and I need to work harder on this) Eat good food that nourishes you. Think clean eating – nothing processed or refined – go on, toss those OREOs now. Hydrate – drink water. Move your body in ways that energize you – yes, I am talking exercise. Slug bunnies- get up on your feet and move! These activities are the foundations for your survival.

photo: shutterstock

Next, Try testing the waters with your little baby toe. As soon as we log on and/or tune in, we are bombarded with the latest outrage to our beliefs, freedoms and country. News 24/7 creates stress and emotional angst even in the most liberal heart. Experiencing this several times a day, is unhealthy. You might breakdown, mentally or physically- your little body can only take so much. You MUST find a balance. Being informed is one thing, being overwhelmed another. Know your threshold and respect yourself enough not to trample it. You’ll be less productive otherwise, and that just isn’t what you’re looking for – is it?

Do something daily to give back. Figure out where you fit in the scheme of things, and schedule something to do every day that connects you to your favorite cause(s). A former PIRG person and Greenpeace wannabe, I find my balance by staying informed, signing petitions for causes I care about and sometimes writing op-ed pieces.  I think I am an awesome writer who can articulate how I feel about things I believe in. Maybe your skill is in giving legal advice or working at a shelter – it’s about helping those in need. Consider volunteering.

Surround yourself with your peeps. Be with your people. Your friends and family who understand what you’re all about. Go on – pick up the phone. Go out for drinks, those $15 pitchers are calling. And while you’re hanging – don’t forget to show and share love. Hugs for all of you dear readers.

Nothing beats hanging with your besties…

Summing up, no matter how you scored, in order to function as a normal human being, you need to find ways to balance your justifiable outrage at what’s going on in the world, your fear (and we all have fears), and your overwhelmed self with life experiences like laughing with friends, mindful, peaceful moments, happiness (yes, get the extra-large coffee), and some excitement.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕