How to Rock Your Self-Discipline


Self-discipline. You hear about it all the time, even from me. This is by far the toughest part of life, as far as I’m concerned. It’s not always innate, and so we often have to learn how to get focused and work it to our best advantage. Self-discipline is critical for reaching your goals, whether you’re working a diet, a deadline or just getting it all done before carpool. The bad news? As I said, it’s not always inborn and natural. The good news? With hard work and some healthy habit building, anyone (and yes peeps- anyone) can become disciplined and successful. I admit, I’m still not 100% on track, but I’m working on it, and I’ve sort of learned how to focus my days. Trust me lovelies, if I can do it, you can too!

Let’s make much ado about something, and take on some healthy ways to improve self-discipline. Trust me lovelies, if I can do it, you can too!

  • Acknowledge Your Weaknesses: We all have a weakness or two – negative attitudes, bad habits (and yes, running for the chocolate counts). Take a moment and decide what you really need to and want to change. Both are necessary. Make a plan, realistically please. Read books, blogs, articles and do whatever it takes to overcome.
  • To plan you must visualize: One of the new ways people look at goal setting is through vision boards. Not my thing, but whatever works peeps. If you really want some self-discipline, you MUST visualize and think very clearly about your end goals. Whether it’s weight loss, writing, or some other goal, you must create a plan of actionable steps that you will need to achieve those goals.
  • Be accountable to someone other than yourself: It’s not easy to make change on your own, so a partner in crime is totally acceptable. Besides, it’s pretty helpful in the long run. Make sure the person you choose will keep you on track and hold you accountable! This may be a spouse or a friend who will challenge you, celebrate the small victories along the way, and be your cheer squad when you slip. And we all slip, it’s OK, just brush the dust off and get back on board.
  • Get rid of temptation: Once you have support, and you’ve identified those weaknesses, remove the things that hinder you. If you’re dieting, toss out the sweets; working at home? Create a workspace without distraction. You get the idea folks.

    Tempted? Be strong!
  • Change it up lovelies! Change up your routine to include new, healthy habits that support your end goals. Take it slow, don’t try to change it ALL at one. Honestly, it takes 30 days to build a new habit – to reset yourself, so give it some time.
  • Set up a reward system: All hard work and no play makes us lose that mojo. A bazillion studies have already shown that people lose their motivation without an incentive. Not that we are Pavlovian puppies, but you can treat yourself. If you finish all those articles early – go buy yourself that new writing journal, or take that long walk on the beach. Dieters- if you reach that first goal (and you’re not afraid to fall) treat yourself to s kiddie cup of ice cream or froyo. And yes, you can have the rainbow sprinkles. Just make sure whatever reward you choose won’t affect your progress. No self-defeat here! We are winners and we can do this! WOOHOO!
  • Don’t rely solely on motivation: I know, I talk inspiration and motivation all day, but really peeps, sometimes, it just isn’t enough. The “want to” doesn’t always precede or push the “to do.” There will be times when you just need to give yourself that little push – make yourself do the one thing you don’t feel like doing. So push, and make it a habit. It builds both character and self-discipline!
  • Commitment: This is the biggie. Just envision how much better you will be (and feel) when you are uber disciplined. You’ll be more successful, more prolific, skinnier, healthier – whatever goal you are setting up to reach. Sadly, if you don’t fully commit yourself, you WILL end up giving up. And that’s not good…nope, not at all. Want it, see it, go for it!
  • Go Easy on Yourself: Lastly, and this is SO important, DO NOT beat yourself up if you aren’t always 100% disciplined. We all have off days, I mean, we’re human, right? Accept those little potholes on your path and move on. Focus on the positive, and remember, tomorrow (or this afternoon) is another chance to begin those healthy habits again. Negative thoughts will only hurt you, and keep you from success and reaching those goals.

    Go easy on yourself – self flagellation will only backfire.

Do you have awesome self-discipline? Or are you in need of a pep talk? How do you stay or get back on track? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Sharing is caring. And we all care. Talk to me peeps! Come on…leave some comments!


Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕