I “Break” for Books

Sometimes you just need to get away...
Sometimes you just need to get away…

Most of you know I review books on Amazon, and if I love the author’s way of getting the message across, they get a stellar review here, on Morning Beans Blog. I also read for pleasure (sorry Dorothy of PUYB) and now, having taken on a new job, survived the weeks of Jewish holidays and schizo-dog meltdowns, I am ready for a vacation.

Nope, no magic muses are waiting with witty words or weeks of scheduled posts at the ready. And guess what? I am letting it go. No stress, after all, that’s what it’s all about here anyway. So I am taking a reading vacay. Don’t worry; I’ll be sure to share the reviews with you kind folk. I’m currently reading a witty repartee of a book sent to me by a fellow author friend, and I have several on the shelf from the publishers, with more on their way. Even my emails contain unprinted, pdf manuscripts awaiting my time and review.  But that’s not what’s happening today.

I am in need of a break. Last week I forgot yet again to publish my weekly email, and there was a straightforward (and hopefully educational)  post in the new MBB series. No worries, it will return in a fortnight. For I have declared the next two weeks Book Weeks. I shall read until my eyes cross and my mind is numb with characters and places and ideas. I shall absorb, peruse, meander and wonder at the words, and perhaps deem them worthy of review. I actually have a list, after browsing the latest library email, and want to share with you, what I think will be a few of the best books for this autumn season.

Autumn is the perfect time to read those creepy little books…

Here goes:

  1. Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King &Owen King (yup, his son.) Being October, nothing screams the season like a good thriller from one of the masters, and King is tops. Like Fractured Fairy Tales, (I know, you forgot about those) this is a twisted version of the legend of Sleeping Beauty. Imagine if you will, that as you sleep (if you are a woman) a cocoon forms around you. If you are disturbed, you become terrifyingly violent. Only one remains unaffected by this “sleeping disease.” So what would happen if there were no women left in the world? I am definitely reading this one first folks.
  2. Turtles All the Way Down by John Green. I know, he writes for the younger mini-adults, but this topic hits close to home, and I might want to share with my daughter (who is an avid reader FYI). We have all seen the articles and Facebook posts warning us that anxiety is becoming rampant among teens. In this book, Green describes his own failings and OCD tendencies and addresses mental illness head-on. The protagonist, 16-year-old Aza copes with OCD, high school, college admissions and general family (and friendly) relationships. Here is a suspenseful plot about solving a disappearance, and I hear there’s a final surprise plot twist at the end. I’m in.
  3. Rupi Kaur. The Sun and Her Flowers. What? You haven’t read Milk and Honey? What planet have you been orbiting? This new collection of poetry is about life, love, and loss (I hope in no particular order). Of course, each poem has been hand illustrated by the author herself, so it should prove to be a lovely book to shed some flowery fun into a rainy month.
  4. Confessions of a Sociopath by M.E. Thomas. Creepy, right? But it sounds so intriguing. Apparently, the author herself is a sociopath, but not a criminal – phew! In the book, she describes her own characteristics, how when you might talk to her, she is picking out your fatal flaws and manipulating you. This thriving, charismatic woman has no empathy or guilt as she reveals that one in every twenty-five are sociopaths. Then she asks…is that a bad thing? So I want to check out this unique story.

And there you have it, peeps. That should keep me for a week or two. Try not to stress out, practice mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing (if you inhale coffee, chocolate or wine it’s a bonus).

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😊☕