Life As We Know It


Be present

“…As he goes left, and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
You begin to wonder why you came
Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life…”
-The Fray

Hello out there in web world! I had a tough night. Honestly, I had a post all ready to go for you lovely, glittery people. But things happened, things changed. And I feel compelled to write afresh for you today. You see, I realized, not for the first time, that we all expect a little too much. Too much of what you ask? Too much money, clothing, fame, social status, fancy cars. Whatever, pick your poison. In those wee hours of predawn epiphany, it came into my head how superficial it all is. The whole world. We have all lost sight of what’s really important, and that’s what I want to talk about with you, my readers, fans and friends. Today, we all need to look deep inside and think about what really matters. Life.

So the saga begins with my daughter. She is, much to my delight, similar to me, especially in my youth. That magical time when we learn who we are, what we like, and how we want to present ourselves to the world. Well, true to my form; she has dyed her hair (just a bit,) likes alternative music (she has excellent taste even though she doesn’t like The Cure,) and when with her amazing group of friends, she’s an weird little extrovert. And I love it. And I love her. But back to the telling.

OK, so 13 years whipped by, and she wants to celebrate with her friends. Last night, I took her and her five besties to the Adventure Vault Escape Room. The kids were handcuffed and locked away with an hour to figure out how to extricate themselves. The amazing owners gave them two hints and an extra 27 minutes. The whooping, screeching, joyful screams were probably heard in Australia. In short, they figured out that they had to use teamwork and smarts, and they had a phenomenal time.

Moving on. It’s around 8:30 pm. My friend and I pile the kids into two cars and take them to Sloan’s for overpriced but delectable ice cream. It’s her birthday. They all get settled, and the parents start trickling by for pickup. Everyone has ice cream and we hang out there for a bit. Finally, at 10:30 pm, we head home. I drop off my charge and head into my complex. No less than six police vehicles and a crime scene van greet me. I have a little night vision issue, and I wasn’t wearing my specs, so it appeared they were by my hone. Thankfully, it was a block back, and my family was safe. I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until I had parked the car and stood up. Phew, my family was safe.

Schizo dog needed a walk, so I take the phone and cautiously walk around the other side, where the cops are not. Neighbors are out, walking, and everyone is sending questioning looks, but not asking. I figure some college kids got busted for a meth lab or something. It happens on TV. Right? Well, epic saga short, a man shot himself in his Audi, in the garage. He was staying with friends. The friend was out and came home to find him, and nobody heard the gunshots. No one  was aware of how long the man was in the car. The friend, who told me what happened said he didn’t really have any family. Not that she knew of. Wow.

I tried to think, all night, of how far down you need to be to take your own life. We have all struggled with depression now and then, some even taking a little something to keep the black dog at bay. But this is big. This is a statement. This screams out that life is so bad, so horrible, that there is nothing worth living for in the world. Crap. I’m crying. For this man, this lost soul, for all the sad people. Even for myself a bit. We all have that self pity gene somewhere.

So why, dear readers did I share this calamity with you? Because it is so important for you to know that you matter. ALL of you. Life will always have ups and downs. We have to learn to be mindful of the good stuff, so it rides us through the storms. I have been in some pretty rough places, but I’m still here. I know that life is meant to be lived, with the good and the bad. Sometimes, you get lucky, and the world smiles upon you and life is awesome. But when it pours sadness and defeat down on your door, you have to wait it out.

Sunshine & RainWe are all unique, sparkly people. Some of us are happy go lucky, some of us are sad. But we all have things to live for, even if you’re alone. The world offers us so much, friends, love, careers, nature, art, even an apple. Please, take a few moments today to hug your family, embrace yourself, and reach out to someone who you know might need a little positive affirmation. You just might just save a life.

Stay motivated and caffeinated. 😉☕️



  1. Thanks a lot for a fantastic blog post, exactly where will you come across all of your information?

  2. Brianna, I take my daily life experiences and my past adventures, and use the wisdom I have accumulated to create my personalized and hopefully interesting content.

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