Life Hacks to Get Your Morning Moving

Nothing beats a good stretch first thing in the morning.

Who doesn’t like waking up all refreshed and energized. We all want to be like that movie character, you know, the one who tosses back the covers, whips open the shades and sings in the shower. But realistically, I’m more of the garden slug variety. Somehow, working on little to no sleep, and not great quality deep sleep either, I manage to be productive…barely. So I’ve been doing a little research. I am certain, by now, you all know that a morning routine, and how you begin your earliest morning hours impacts your entire day.

Morning. Fresh, clean, a new start for any venture, even if it’s carpool, coffee and work. Early AM wakeups offer a fresh new supply of optimism, energy and willpower. Yeah, that’s why it’s so easy to stick to that new diet…until around 11 o’clock. So my faithful peeps, if you lack that early morning oomph, this post is just for you. Here are a few tips (hacks) to make the most of your morning, and enjoy a more productive day.

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re yawning by nine, maybe you need to start with the night before. Go to bed earlier. To begin with a BANG! You might need to start the shut eye a wee bit earlier than you’re used to. Yes, that means, turning off and tuning out. Did you know, that even 15 minutes of extra sleep can impact you productivity levels tomorrow? So power down from the world wide web and bright lights of Hollywood scripts about an hour before bedtime. Read a book or take a bath to relax in those last few precious moments of your day.

So obviously, if you can hit that pillow earlier, how about waking up earlier? Time is a valuable and precious commodity. But, those wee early hours are some pieces of time that we can absolutely control. If you’re lucky, it can be a peaceful, reflective time for coffee and whatever floats your boat before having to deal with life. Work, kids, carpool, and everybody else who needs you, does not need you at 5 am. So go on, get up in those final predawn hours. You’ll get used to it in a few days, and I promise, it will be the best part of your day. Some of my friends told me that now, this is their time to work out or meditate, etc. Me- I’m a slug, so…I’ll stick to the magic beans.

Don’t hit that snooze button!

By the way, about that waking up bit. DO NOT HIT SNOOZE! You have just lost valuable bonus points and will not claim $200 for passing GO. I know, the bed is all warm and comfy, and you’re snuggled just so, dreaming about candy sparkled coffee and unicorn races. Well, WAKE UP! That extra 10-15 minutes while you smack the snooze bar a couple of times is seriously detrimental to your body’s rhythm. Don’t believe me? OK, go through your day with a head full of fuzzy candy floss and feeling all sluggish and groggy. Trust me, (and I know this for a fact) NO amount of coffee, espresso or heroin (just kidding- wanted to make sure you’re paying attention) will refocus your brain and wake you up. Best bet, set the alarm for the time you need to get out of bed and then just do it.

A little trick to keep you out of bed (I owe this one to my mom) make your bed. Seriously, once I go through the trouble of straightening the sheets and blankets and arranging all those pillows, it is kind of hard to want to get back in and undo all that work. Besides, when I look at my bed, all freshly made up and pretty, it makes me feel good. I accomplished something before coffee and that is a real bonus.

OK, I should be honest, this is a big one, but I get lost here. Breakfast. I love breakfast, but not until several hours after I wake up and caffeinate. I get the healthy breakfast idea, and I’m sharing it with you, and I do eat breakfast, just not before carpool and work. Honestly, if you choose wisely, your breakfast can infuse your body with some energy and set the stage for some incredible productivity and good decision making skills.

Last, and I swear by this one (as you can see by post its all over my house and car) Make a To Do List. If you write down all the crap you have to get done today, then there’s a good bet you’ll tick off every item by nightfall. Planning your day- good time management skills, and it can be done over a cup of coffee in those wee hours of dawn. Use your list to motivate you, so make sure you spread out the cool stuff you need to do or the boring hum drum stuff will hold you down. Use your lists to motivate you, to pencil in some free time for a coffee, chat or a nap. Trust me, it works and it feels great to toss the list at the end of the day with everything crossed off and complete.

So, there you have it. How you start your morning can make or break your entire day. Think snowball into avalanche effect. To avoid getting run down, try some of these tips.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕