Life Without Limits!


No Limits!

I am a creature of habit. I like my comfort zone and I also despise it. It’s my sanctuary, but if I hang out for too long, then I feel caged. No wild creature is happy in captivity, and that includes us humans. We are, after all, wild at heart. Yes, we like the constants of being fed, clothed, safe, and loved. But truthfully, we are hunters and gatherers, seeking to engage in the wild world that offers no respite and no warranties. So locked in our small little boxes, we feel depressed and anxious when we play it safe. I think this is why Bungee Jumping is so popular. We all love a challenge.

Sometimes, we outgrow our comfort zones. Fear and self-imposed limitations suck out our happiness. We feel insecure and riddled with anxiety. Not a way to live. We all need to feel alive. There’s a powerful feeling when we live to the fullest extent of our abilities. So how do we take back our exciting lives? Try applying some simple and practical solutions. Expand your comfort zone, and lose some of those limits that have become burdensome.

First, know that change is always possible. You may have had a vivacious and exciting life before and you can certainly have one again. Know in your heart that you can change, and always try new things (within reason). We can’t stay in our comfort zone and grow. And that’s the risk. Growth either socially or academically or in your career is going to feel a little uncomfortable. Well, pull up those big girl panties and do whatever freaks you out anyway! The only way to lose some of those limits is to expand your comfort zone. Change is big, and scary. So start small. Teeny tiny baby steps, change your habits, little things you do daily. Step by step, push on, grow and your safety net will come along with you. So step on out. Live, enjoy, repeat.


Second, explore all possibilities. Make a list of things that you think will guide you in the direction you want to go. Think of ways to expand your life, your vistas. Don’t worry about losing the lists, mine are all over the car, the junk drawer, post its on the dresser; the good ideas will always reveal themselves, sort of like the magic mirror in Snow White. Who’s the bravest one of all? In this vein, make a commitment to yourself to tackle one teeny tiny risk every day. And no second guessing or backing out. You chose the action, now follow through. Even if it is irrelevant and not what you were hoping for, sticking to your guns shows gumption. And you changed something and stepped out of your little caged habitat. You will probably even learn something from your little experiment. Something to remember, courage is better than success. If you are brave, then you can step out again and again, and you will find success. In the dictionary, a synonym for fear is thrill. Taking risks is thrilling. Now don’t go hang gliding off a cliff if you are terrified of heights, but take a small risk that won’t hurt you, and might even be something you can learn from.

By taking risks, we become more resilient. We learn to tackle our fears and to absorb disappointment. We can still be humiliated and scared, and it’s alright to have that sob fest with your bestie. But be strong. Bounce back and take another risk, another tiny step in the game of Mother May I. Your world will begin to open up and the edges of your comfort zone will unravel a bit. That is very cool. And it’s a good thing.  So yes, you may take two baby steps.

Baby steps help ease the way to riskier, happier habits. Life is meant to be lived- do it!
Baby steps help ease the way to riskier, happier habits. Life is meant to be lived- do it!

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕





  1. Great tips! And you´re so right, change is ALWAYS possible, you just need to take the leap. Which might definitely be scary….

    • Tineke Maria franssen- scary is good! It means you’re alive and that th possibilities are endless!

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