Maximize Your Morning

Planned just right, you can revel in an early morning quiet coffee.

Mornings in my house closely resemble the lunatic asylum. It’s all about waking up, getting ready, the dog, the kids, the lunches, coffee and carpool – though not always in that order. And sometimes there are bonus surprises tossed into the mix. Basically, it’s up to me to be the drill sergeant and get everyone at the door. Luckily, I have a few tried and true tricks to make my mornings smooth and easy. Here are a few of my fave ways to help you save time, simplify the start of your day, and save your sanity, leaving you feeling less stressed and more efficient.

  1. Lose the Snooze Button: The extra 8 minutes totally throws off my entire morning. Even with insomniastic tendencies, dragging my tired bum out of bed when the alarm goes off lets me get everything done that needs to happen before 7:30 AM.

    Don’t hit that snooze button – it lowers productivity!
  2. Delegate: What can you pass on to your kids to lighten your load? When I prepare lunches, I am only the sandwich maker- everything else is on the kids, or they go a little hungry. I can handle the afternoon snarkiness. Sometimes if I’m lucky, my son takes the dog out for her AM constitutional, and feeds her to boot!
  3. No flying by the seat of your pants: Your morning should not look like the aerial act at the circus. Stick to a consistent routine. Having a set schedule, even if it’s just for me, helps me get through the day and tick those items off the to do list. We are rarely late and I find little left over at the end of the day that needs my attention.
  4. Take a Technology Break: Don’t log on first thing. I know it’s tempting, but it really is a distraction that makes my morning less efficient. Not to plead 100% innocence, but I prefer to spend a few quality minutes with the kids before school. All those emails and FB posts can wait, and the morning stuff that needs doing gets done.

    Prioritize and organize and the mornings will be streamlined and easy going.

These tips will help lower that AM stress, and also free up a little time for you to actually enjoy that first cup of morning beans. I can sometimes squish in a quick 5 minute meditation or a quick inspirational read (old school, in a book). A little planning and prep will give you time for that deep morning breath before taking on the challenges of the day.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕