Minding Your Manners: The Etiquette of Blogging


Forgive me

I need to confess. I feel quite badly. Yesterday’s post seems so harsh in retrospect. I mean no disrespect to all my fellow bloggers. And it did keep me up last night. During my insomniastic moments (yeah, I am still making up my own words, one day I’ll publish the MBB Dictionary, lol🙃) I kept thinking that I may have seriously upset some of my colleagues. So Mea Culpa. I only meant to point out how different styles of blogging could be, and at for those of us who are writers, it’s a completely different head. So again, my apologies if you were insulted. I didn’t mean it.

I did however, mean what I said about being influencers. People read or view our blogs, and just as with any media, they form opinions. Yup, that’s a biggie. OPINIONS. you may live me or hate me, and that’s cool either way. Fellow bloggers, I know you must all have adopted this mantra, since otherwise, how do we go on? The self conscious among us must stop hiding. We all have our followers, and they not only keep the faith, but pass us along as well.

Listen, when I first began blogging, (and most of you I’m sure will agree,) all the other bloggers were super friendly. All the networking groups helpful and upbeat. It’s all about supporting each other in this cutthroat world of writing, and we do brandish our swords. So dear friends, in my mind wandering rambles of the wee hours of morning, I realized that we need to be allies. We are all crafting our lives around the new media afforded us, and the widespread audiences are bigger and better than ever. We encourage and support each other. We are all figuring it out, well, most of us. So now with the gazillion glittery, sparkly, chock full of pix blogs out there, there are rules. Unwritten, but we all know them. Since a large number of us tie our lives, businesses and other stuff to our blogs, it stands to reason that practicing good etiquette is super duper important. More than ever. Keep reading my sweets, for a few things I believe we should keep in mind when engaging with the big wide world of cyberspace.


First, give credit where credit is due. Anytime I quote, borrow or use a picture that wasn’t royalty free, do as you like, etc. I give a little kudos to the artist, speaker, etc. it’s the right thing to do. Mama always taught you to say please and thank you, our blogs are no exception. Besides, nobody really wants to get caught up in a legal battle over something super silly.

Next, be honest. Authenticity and being your true blue self is what makes your blog, and mine unique. If I don’t know something, I ask. There are loads of cool bloggers out there with a ton of experience. Some are really knowledgeable, and they have no issues answering your million and one questions. Just know that to be an awesome blogger, (and I hope I’m on my way,) you need to be passionate. If you are, and you can share with the world your excitement, happiness, expertise, well… HOORAY!  Keep in mind, that it’s OK not to have it all figured out. We are not all experts in certain areas. Be genuine and real about what you know and what you don’t. My friends, I know coffee, I know how to motivate, and I know emotion. Oh yeah, and due to massive love of English and literature and writing, I know about writing and Restoration and Elizabethan lit and drama. So feel free to ask away about those Comedy of Manner plays. I’ve got you covered. 😃

Alright then, let’s move on to comments. You guys don’t leave me every many. That makes me a little sad. I know you came and saw and liked. Some of you shared my posts. But if you don’t comment, how do I know what you think? We are all friends here, no pressure, but engage with me, talk to me, rant at me, love me. Yeah, I wrote that. But please, please, please, as a rule, don’t leave spam-like comments on my site or any other blogger’s. It’s rude. It’s OK if you comment to link back to your site, that’s understandable, I mean, we all want visitors. Just please, try and make sure that your comment is thoughtful and doesn’t come off as a ploy to steal followers. Nobody likes that dirty game, and you most likely won’t get your comment approved, or it will be edited. Depends on the blogger. Be kind, and if relevant provide a link, and you’ll be the golden. Guest.

Reciprocation. This is a big one for me. I had to learn the hard way, that even if you invite someone a dozen times for coffee and cookies, they might never reciprocate. Sometimes they are just sluggish takers, sometimes they have valid reasons. Doesn’t matter, it all hurts, but being him a, we are resilient and we get past it. Now my friend,  I hope you NEVER feel that you have to follow every single blogger, tweeter or IG peep who follows you. Always stick to what inspires you. But, remember, it’s generally kind to acknowledge when someone compliments your hard work, well written blog, beautiful photo, or whatever. Sometimes, they may reach out to you. So, when someone leaves a nice (non-spammy) comment on your blog, I try to reply, and let them know that I appreciate it. And I do. I really, truly do. And I like to believe I make them smile. 😊

Summing up, I think these are important practices to keep in mind. And again, I apologize if I offended anyone. Wasn’t really my intention. I guess I was in a mood when I penned the post. Forgive me? And please, keep coming back for coffee and some chats. And leave comments, contact me. I answer. Really. And if you’re a fellow blogger, and you have anymore tips on blogging, share. Honest, it’s cool.

Don’t forget about the little challenge I have coming up. It’s simple and will make you feel good about yourself. Sneak peeks in the Free Beans section.😃

Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😉☕️💕



    • @Deena, I love that you are my most faithful follower! Don’t forget to check back for the sneak peeks….some thing special heading your way soon!

  1. At the end of the day the visitor count is all that matters, regardless of the quality or lack thereof. That’s entertainment.

    • Unfortunate but true. However, it’s not only the visitors. Quality and value mean you have something to offer, that’s what brings your visitors back. And THAT is what it’s all about.

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