Monday on a Tuesday? How to Get Motivated!

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It’s Tuesday, but Monday won’t stop. You’re overloaded, over caffeinated and ready to throw in the towel. Nothing short of burrowing deep under your big, fluffy blanket seems to be in store. Is it really that bad? Well, maybe. But here’s the good news peeps – it IS Tuesday, and you can still be a functioning, productive human today.

Being as it is Halloween week, let’s do a quick inventory of the goodies. Coffee☕ – check. Chocolate🍫 – check. Gummy brains – check. (You’ll get it- keep reading) Loo rolls and scissors – well, maybe not. Before wrapping up and freaking out, (yes- mummy is key, lol) let’s get right into it, shall we? How can you motivate yourself to drop the sheet and get back into your groove? I have a few tricks up my proverbial sleeve. Keep scrolling my lovely ghouls (oops, girls.) 👻

First- trick. If you’re like me, procrastination is a big issue. I wrote my Master’s thesis in the last 36 hours before it was due. (Yes, I did get an A, but no bragging here) Nowadays, putting things off just doesn’t work. The world moves at a pace we can hardly keep up with, so a little trick I learned (from my husband) is post it notes. OMG- I am the queen of lists and sticky notes and even markers on my hands. When you write it down, you have a guide. It’s a little trick to help keep you on track. I like to put the big scary tasks up at the top, because the relief of having completed them is like a big sugar rush. 🍬🍬Basically, you are tricking yourself into playing your slug-like, push it off nature against itself. And you win – every time.

When you're overwhelmed, little colorful notes help you keep it together.
When you’re overwhelmed, little colorful notes help you keep it together.

Next, treat. See- like Halloween. 🎃You need to treat yourself when Monday won’t go away. So, let’s recap. It’s Tuesday. Your e-mails are loaded, deadlines approaching and you haven’t even outlined you latest draft. No trick, you need a treat. Pop into the kitchen or out to the corner coffee shop and get a coffee or a cookie, or whatever makes you happy. If those Monday blues won’t disappear, start your day with your favorite happy tunes, and a donut with your coffee. 🍩☕ Singing out loud to my favorite Cure song always makes me feel better, and I can them regain my motivation and knock out my to do list. Try it. Guilty pleasures are a fabulous pick me up (like eating all the leftover Halloween candy.)

Sometimes you need to stop, breathe and have a little treat.
Sometimes you need to stop, breathe and have a little treat.

Next up, memories. I know, you’re exhausted and your brain feels like mush – all gummed up in there.  If your job today seems particularly ghoulish and unappealing, try and remember when you performed the same task in the past. Try and remember when it made you feel all warm, fuzzy and positive inside. Why? Because all kinds of psychological studies show that recall of a positive memory can often bring back the rush, the pleasant feeling of happiness and success. You can check out some of mine on the Morning Beans Facebook page. Mindful positivity makes for a great day!

And one last one peeps – take a walk. No gangplanks, please. If you’re a regular reader, you know I advocate meditative and just for fun walks. It’s a relaxing, easy way to regroup. Stanford University recently published a report that walking boosts creativity and inspiration. So, get up off your bum and put those tootsies to the test. Once around the block James! 👣😁

So let’s sum this all up folks. Trick or treat, flashback memories and a walk. And if all else fails, there’s always coffee. ☕

Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😉☕

And a good memory all the way from 1988 – Halloween CAN be everyday…with a little Betelgeus..  Have a fun day!






  1. I am list person myself. Started a bullet journal in September and it is keeping me on track with a few things. Like you said write it down. Great name for a blog and YES to coffee.

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